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  • Amzing actor and singer

    Adrienne bailon is definetly one of my favourties. She has such a beautiful voice. She is also really pretty aswell. I started being a fan as soon as i saw 3LW. It was clear that she had the strongest vocals. One of the things that i really like about her is that eventhough she's really talented she's also very modest aswell. She's very hard of herself, she doesn't think that she's all that. I lvoed her in cheetah girls. Chanel is my favourite cheetah girl. I think that the movie would seriously suffer if she wasn't in it. Also she has great fashion sense, love her clothes!
  • Adrienne Bailon is my favorite Cheetah Girl!

    I think that Adrienne is the best of the Cheetah Girls. I like Raven but she doesn't go out on tour with them and doesn't sing on the CDs either. I saw the Cheetah Girls in concert with my little cousin who is a girl and she screamed and sang the whole time. Adrienne is also pretty and sings very well. I really like her as Chanel and think she does a really good job in the movies. I think that if you are a kid you'll like Adrienne and the other Cheetah Girls a lot. It's for both boys and girls, but I think girls might like it more.