Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne Barbeau


6/11/1945, Sacramento, California, USA

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Adrienne Jo Barbeau


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Adrienne was active in theatre both in high school and at Foothills Junior College; by age 19 she was touring Pacific military bases as a member of the San Jose Light Opera. After a job with a termite-control company, Adrienne set out for New York, working in a…more


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    • Adrienne Barbeau: The impression of me is that I was a sex symbol, but I never had a sexy role.

    • [On horror films]
      Adrienne Barbeau: It's not pleasant for me to watch them. I don't enjoy it. I don't like being disturbed that way. I love action adventure. I think the first horror movie I ever saw was Halloween. John [Carpenter] was black and blue by the time the thing was over because I kept hitting him. I was just so terrified.

    • [On how much of her book she made up]
      Adrienne Barbeau: I changed two names. I have journals, daily journals that I've been keeping since 1967. I wrote every day for nearly 40 years; I still do, but not every day. Of course there may be things where I don't remember the specific details; in fact, some of my relatives reminded me about an incident that I hadn't recalled exactly.

    • [On being nominated for Tony Award]
      Adrienne Barbeau: First of all, it was completely unexpected. It had never crossed my mind that the Grease cast would be even eligible for a Tony. The show opened in an off-Broadway arena. It was technically a Broadway contract because we were in a huge theater, but we were definitely outside the Broadway area. And so it never crossed my mind that we would be eligible.

    • [On if it's intimidating playing Judy Garland]
      Adrienne Barbeau: Yes, it's the most challenging thing I've ever had to do, especially because Judy is so well known. I've done one other character who was a real person, but no one knew who she was. I'm not doing an impersonation. I think of it more like Zoe Caldwell in Master Class, it's an impression of Judy. There are people who do her and who do her brilliantly. That's not what this is.

  • bodacious, smiling or giving a stern look, "B" movie classic lady

    Whomever posted the only pic of her on this page picked the worst one. She is aged now, but that is one lousy picture of the woman. Adrienne won't be remembered most for her acting but her chest exposure in Swamp Thing. She has a decent voice and was gorgeous in her prime. The acting was satisfactory. This is what I am rating her on. She is able to laugh at herself as you can see on The woman is either crazy or is very youthful at heart having a child at age 50 or so. She hit the right strings with me as a teen.moreless