Adrienne Corri





11/13/1931 , Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Birth Name

Adrienne Riccoboni




Her real name was Riccoboni, and her parents were Italian; she was born and raised in Scotland. In the British cinema of the 1950s, her flame-red hair and assertive personality were anything but ordinary, and she was also a pretty good actress. She made her film debut in Jean Renoir's "The River", which was probably the best film she was ever in; but if most of her other movie roles were commonplace, she never was. TV gave her rather better chances than the cinema, in fact - she was especially memorable in the BBC's dramatisation of Aldous Huxley's "Eyeless In Gaza", where she had to spend quite a lot of her screen-time under a hideous make-up, playing a raddled old nymphomaniac twice her actual age. Her best-known film role after her debut was actually a rather brief one, as Patrick Magee's raped wife in "A Clockwork Orange". She hasn't done much film or TV work since passing the age of fifty, alas. Her marriages to actors Daniel Massey and Derek Fowlds both ended in divorce.