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Cooking expert Aida Mollenkamp is best known as the editor of food site As the daughter of an American-Italian mother and a French stepmother she grew up with good food. After making her BS Hospitality Management at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, she went to Europe,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Aida Mollenkamp and Sunny Anderson, host of Cooking for Real show, are shooting a spot together to promote their shows. In the commercial there will be a young Aida and a young Sunny to be seen.

    • Aida Mollenkamp's biggest goal is to make people eating 3 times a day.

    • To make your kitchen environmental friendly Aida suggests three things, which can easily followed by everyone.

      - Unplug appliances not in use

      - Use recycled products

      - Utilize appliances efficiently and don't run them until you absolutely need to

    • In her show Ask Aida she was wearing mainly graphic T-shirts from Brooklyn Industries, sportswear from WESC and Rogan's organic line collection, jeans and Converse.

    • While her new interactive show Ask Aida was debuting on Food Network, Aida didn't watch it live, instead she was to the the wedding of her friend.

    • Aida was a former ballerina.

    • Before taking her job as a food editor at, Aida has worked in various kitchens like test kitchen at California Pizza Kitchen and Hotel Bel Air.

    • Aida's favorite dinner party dish is Roast Fish with Thai Pesto.

    • Aida's favorite drink is Angel's Share. Angel's share is referred to distilled portion of a liquor or wine, which is lost to evaporation during aging process.

    • Aida currently resides in San Francisco. Before that she lived in the tri-state area and used to listen to HOT 97.

    • Aida's favorite restaurants list includes AOC, 'Ino, Il Santo Bevitore, Cheri Bibi, Blue Ribbon.

    • Aida's favourite comfort food are Ricotta and Spinach Shells. Aida also loves chocolate and cheese.

  • Quotes

    • Aida: (Answering the question, if she has ever been stumped) Actually, yes. I was stumped by the difference between grades A&B of maple syrup. I knew Grade A was used for pancakes and Grade B was used for baking. But, I didn't know the difference came about after the syrup is made. I thought maybe it had to do with the tree or something to that effect.

    • Aida: (Asked on how Food Network approached her on Ask Aida)
      As the Food Editor of, I am also in several instructional videos on the site. Representatives for the Food Network were frequent visitors to the site and approached me about the possibility of a show, so I said, 'Sure!'

    • Aida: (Asked on if she gets stage fright) Not at all when I was filming. However, last week I was on a JetBlue flight, and as I flipped through the channels I saw a commercial for [the show], and all of a sudden I realized the whole world was going to see it. It's really hard to watch or hear yourself.

    • Aida Mollenkamp: (Being asked, how she did hook up with her side kick, Noah Starr?)

      It was like a dating service. I sat down with 10 different potential hosts. Noah and I have a lot in common. We even have birthdays very close together. We share a same sense of humor.

    • Aida: (Being asked upon rocketing fuel and food prices and how to keep your kitchen bills down) First of all, eat seasonly and locally, because that way you know you're eating what's there, right in your vicinity, tomatoes are being grown in summer eat them then. You don't have to pay as much for the product and then eat a big piece of meat. Go buy a big roast chicken as opposed to a boneless skinless breast that have had extra work done to them, so you are paying more for that work. Those couple of things will definetely help to keep your bills down and you don't have to worry that much.

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  • Food Network's New Face Aida Mollenkamp

    Aida Mollenkamp is the host of the new interactive Food Network show Ask Aida. This show premiered August,2 2008. If someone says food shows are boring, I have to say the posts on some forums go from "I will definitely watch" up to "This girl is ssso hot!" So if you missed the first episode, which was called accordingly Hot Off The Grill, don't miss the next one. Actually the first episode had a very positive response among the viewers, because Aida is young, fresh and comely on the screen. Also her smile and white teeth attracted attention. I will have a big surprise about this show, which I will announce in my blog. Today I say only, that is about the profile of a user. So wait for it.moreless