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    • Aimee was going to appear in Global Frequency as Aleph, but only a television pilot was produced, and it was not picked up.

    • Aimee's younger brother Luis and her father, Ray, also acted on George Lopez.

    • Aimee tried out for the role of Selena (portrayed by Jennifer Lopez) in the 1997 feature film Selena.

    • Aimee was named the best actress by the Chicago Tribune's Exito Critics for her acting performance.

    • Aimee was in productions of Barrio Speedwagon, Journey of the Sparrows and Confessions of Women from Boyle Heights.

    • Aimee now resides in Los Angeles, California where she enjoys paragliding, chess, and traveling overseas.

    • Aimee was taught ballet and jazz for fifteen years.


      Scene Study: Mike Nichols, George Morrison, Paul Sills
      Improvisation: Tim Bagley
      Scene Study: Byrne & Joyce Piven
      Vocal: Mark Baxter
      Ballet/Jazz: Stephanie Clemens, Larry Long
      Hip Hop: Randy Duncan

    • Aimee can play many different kinds of sports. These all include swimming, snow skiing, water skiing, in-line skating, equestrienne, basketball, kayaking, rock climbing, ice skating, swing dancing, and frisbee golf.

    • Aimee is fluent in Spanish and French. She began studying them at the age of six.

    • One of Aimee's special skills is that she can play the piano.

    • One of Aimee's favorite hobbies is chess.

    • Aimee Garcia was named best actress by the Chicago Tribune's Exito Critics for her acting performance.

    • Aimee studied hip-hop, ballet, jazz dance and also had vocal training.

    • On her role as Veronica on the TV series, The George Lopez Show, she was only expected to appear in four episodes, but because of the popularity of her character, she became a regular on the sitcom.

    • Aimee Garcia is half Mexican and half Puerto Rican.

    • Aimee Garcia attended high school in Oak Park, Illinois at Fenwick High School.

    • Aimee Garcia was a member of the Grafitti Dancers ensemble at Northwestern University.

    • She tutors junior high school and high school students in Spanish.

    • In 2007, Aimee was nominated for the ALMA Award, for Best Supporting Actress for a television series, mini-series, (or) movie. She was nominated for her performance on The George Lopez Show.

    • In 2007, Aimee was nominated for the Imagen Award, for Best Supporting Actress [on Television] for her performance on the series, The George Lopez Show.

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