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  • Julie Taylor of Friday Night Lights

    As I write this review today, it's actually Aimee's 20th Birthday. Happy Birthday Aimee.

    I haven't seen her in more than Friday Night Lights and the guest appearing as Rhonda Kimble at 90210, but at this young age I'm still very impressed by her talent.

    Friday Night Lights have alot of great actors, and it's the backbone of the show. Still. To me Aimee is the outstanding one. She gives life to the character Julie Taylor in a very credible way, she's got great interaction with both the actors playing her parents(Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler), and also with Zach Gilford and Adrianne Palicki as boyfriend Matt and bestfriend Tyra. She also got the abillity to carry a scene on her own without any huge dialogue necessary. It's alot in her bodylanguage, facial expressions and attitude in general.

    Unlike alot of the actors playing teens in these kind of shows these days, Aimee is still only 20. Then it's even more impressing she's able to outshine other parts of the cast.

    I'm really looking forward to see alot more from her in the years to come.
  • She is one of the stars of Friday Night Lights

    Aimee possesses a really quirky type of beauty and youth that is really refreshing to see on TV. Next to the stick thin super model beauty that the actresses how play Tyra and Lyla have she is a nice contrast that brings the show back to reality. Yes, her character is a little annoying on the show, but she plays it well and gives more dimension past the simple premise of a bratty child. I'm looking forward to her recieving some story lines that give her a chance to act, personally I think Tim Riggins should come and break her heart, but I would settle for her and Matt getting back together. Back to her as an actress, she is still young and should have a good career ahead of her.