Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler


9/18/1970, San Fransisco, California, USA

Birth Name

Aisha N. Tyler



Also Known As

Aisha Taylor
  • The cast of The Talk.
  • Aisha Tyler on Season 2 of Archer.
  • Aisha Tyler on Season 2 of Archer.
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Aisha attended J.Eugene McAter School of the Arts in San Francisco. She moved on to Dartmouth College where she graduated with a degree in Political Science. She finally settled in L.A. in 1996 where her career really started to take off. As a child, Aisha lived alone with…more


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  • Comment about Pit bulls on Fridays night show Jan. 16th

    I have tried reaching out to you on Twitter and Facebook without any response, so I am now writing here as well, because of very dangerous and ignorant comments you, sadly, made on the show about Pit bulls.

    It was at the end of a segment about a man who had a snake around his baby, and you said that, "I wouldn't want a Pit bull around a baby either" and "There are lots of pets I wouldn't want around a baby, but it would probably be easier to get a snake off a baby"...

    These two statements are incredibly rude and uneducated, as well as hurtful and dangerous, since it perpetuates an unfair, incorrect, myth about Pit bulls and bully mutts!

    I am the very proud owner of a very loving, kind and sweet bully mutt (or, Pit. he is part Pit, part my husband and I rescued in 2012, when he was 6 months old, and we take great offense to, and are very hurt by, what you said!

    It also scares me, because, as mentioned, your statements are dangerous, since there are too many people who think all Pits and bully mutts are so dangerous, they just want to kill them all, even if they haven't done anything! I do often fear from my dog, that someone will hurt him due to ignorance, that statements like yours, perpetuates.

    If you are afraid of Pit bulls, I am sorry to hear that.

    However, that is no excuse for saying such things about these wonderful dogs! It is not the dogs fault that they have recently been used to fight by horrible, horrible people!

    Their innate nature is sweet, loving and protective, and thus they even used to be called "nanny dogs", because they are so incredible with children.

    Sadly, their loving and protective nature also makes some of them good fight dogs, because they want to please and protect their owner, so there are scumbags out there who use them for that.

    However, that is not what Pit bulls and bully dogs are about, they don't want to fight, they just want to be loved and love you!

    I beg of you to take the time to educate yourself about Pit bulls!

    I have included links for you with information from Cesar Millan, and I hope you will consider inviting Cesar Millan to the show, to help educate others too.

    I also hope that you please apologize on the show and on social media for your statements!

    Thank you!

  • You are not alone.

    I have never written in to a show before, but couldn't help myself. Your secret you shared today was so brave of you to share and really hit close to home. I was absolutely crying my eyes out as you were sharing your story. My husband and I went through the same thing and I know I am incredibly blessed to now say I am 4 months pregnant. I am hesitant to share that because I know it killed me to hear others were pregnant when we were trying, but wanted to let you know anything could happen. I am 34, but was told it was as though my ovaries were ten years older. We did 7 months of clomid (4 months at a double dose), 3 IUIs, and an IVF. Nothing worked ( we didn't even get frozen embryos from the IVF) so I started filling out adoption papers, but then we decided to try IVF one more time. I was a week away from starting my IVF needles ( this time had been taking DHEA for a couple months) when I found out I was pregnant... An absolute miracle! I also have a friend who did IVF 6 times and ended up pregnant with donar eggs, one who did 4 times, and one who adopted and ended up pregnant 5 months later. I absolutely respect your decision to stop trying as I know it is the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I have another friend who quit trying because it had been too hard on her and she ended up naturally pregnant a year later. I just wanted to write and give you some hope if you ever considered trying again and if not I just wanted you to know that you truly touched my heart. I will be praying for a miracle for you.moreless