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  • You are not alone.

    I have never written in to a show before, but couldn't help myself. Your secret you shared today was so brave of you to share and really hit close to home. I was absolutely crying my eyes out as you were sharing your story. My husband and I went through the same thing and I know I am incredibly blessed to now say I am 4 months pregnant. I am hesitant to share that because I know it killed me to hear others were pregnant when we were trying, but wanted to let you know anything could happen. I am 34, but was told it was as though my ovaries were ten years older. We did 7 months of clomid (4 months at a double dose), 3 IUIs, and an IVF. Nothing worked ( we didn't even get frozen embryos from the IVF) so I started filling out adoption papers, but then we decided to try IVF one more time. I was a week away from starting my IVF needles ( this time had been taking DHEA for a couple months) when I found out I was pregnant... An absolute miracle! I also have a friend who did IVF 6 times and ended up pregnant with donar eggs, one who did 4 times, and one who adopted and ended up pregnant 5 months later. I absolutely respect your decision to stop trying as I know it is the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I have another friend who quit trying because it had been too hard on her and she ended up naturally pregnant a year later. I just wanted to write and give you some hope if you ever considered trying again and if not I just wanted you to know that you truly touched my heart. I will be praying for a miracle for you.
  • You touched my heart!

    As I was watching the show and you came on there and told your secret, I was so amazed that someone else was going through the same thing that I was going through. I have been married for 15 years and found out that I had endometrioses stage 4. My husband and I went through the IVF treatments and finally my doctor told me that I need to give up and have a radical hysterectomy, so I did! To see you so strong make me feel that I can move forward and allow my heart to heal . My husband is wonderful about the whole thing and has been there for me through thick and thin, so you have a very good man that can stand by you and accept the things you cannot change! May God continue to bless you and your husband.
  • Older Beauty Queens over 40

    Hi there I would Like to know more about the New Older Beauty Queens? I Would Love to try out for this!! With Love God Bless!!
  • The NNNAwards

    Aisha, I love the talk, i watch it often. I never really could contact with you but I have the rest of the women on there. I do have to say, after watching the NNNAwards tonight, you have changed my feelings for you. I respect you so much for doing such a wonderful job. I now feel like I have a bond with you. When you announced the military and marriage equality, you got choked up and actually teared up. That wasn't acting, you were sincere and I felt that. I love you and I will always be a supporter of yours. Thank you for your love and support to men and women like myself. MUAH!!!

  • she is charming but should improve on movement

    i have only watched Aisha on xiii i must say she is charming especially when on suits specifically on skirts but her walking style does not demonstrate the training in her so i think she needs to improve on that this a personal opinion
  • Had a recurring role on Friends as Charlie Wheeler and a starring role in the first season of Ghost Whisperer as Andrea Mureno.

    Aisha Tyler is a very versatile actress. She can do both comedy as she proved when she was a recurring character on Friends, and her drama chops when she starred on Ghost Whisperer. She did a great job on Ghost Whisperer and she did a great job on Frieds. But im disappointed that she was not kept around on either of the programs as she did a fanominal job. Aisha is sure to turn out more fantastic performances in teh future, and she is definitly an acrtress that is behind a show or movie that could persuade me to see it.
  • Aisha Tyler is a versatile actress. I would like to see her in more shows. She has a great sense of humor and timing.

    I miss her in Ghost Whisperer, she played well off the other permanent cast members, especially Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Conrad. She was a more believable co-owner with Melinda. She played a very plausible imaginative person and could handle what Melinda was going through. She did not turn away from the thoughts and ideals of what her character was going through either. She still was funny yet serious when need be. You could see the store, the people, the town were all credible. It was small town America and there was Andrea, a single woman trying to make it on her own without the help of her more wealthy brother. She would show up at her business partner's house with a pizza and they would just sit and gab like two girlfriends would normally do.
  • Writing off Andrea was a huge mistake. She was an integral part of the Ghost Whisperer. I know a lot of fans miss her on the program. I hope they bring her back. The show is not the same without her.

    Replacing Aiesha with Camryn was a poor move. Camryn does nothing for the show. She is not natural in her role. Aiesha has class, plus she's intelligent and beautiful and most like that she knew that Jennifer's character could see spirits. We need her brought back!!! Why is it that shows make decisions without finding out what their loyal watchers want?
  • Will miss her on the Ghost Whisperer

    I will miss her on Ghost Whisperer and that she was really good as the sidekick to Jennifer Love Hewitt and that I also liked her in CSI LV. But maybe she needs to find a great vehicle for such a talented and lovely actress. Here's hoping to see her on the small screen even more!