Ajay Fry

Ajay Fry


6/17/1983, Canada

Birth Name

Ajay Jack Fry


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    Ajay did not replace Sugar he replaced Paula, Sugar co-hosted the zone on weekday afternoons not the Saturday morning Vortex. As for Ajays Hosting skills he's not that bad, maybe not the greatest but he gets the job done. He's WAY better then the screechy Paula that he replaced. and as for Bodysurfer... you need to calm down you're getting all worked up over nothing. It's about the cartoons not the filler in between.moreless
  • Ajay Fry sucks . He is not funny. We want Sugar Baby back.

    Ajay Fry is the unfunny host of the Crunch on YTV. Ajay Fry replaced sugar baby, she was very funny and nice. Why? Ajay sucks so bad. He is boring and very very creepy.

    Ajay Fry is the worst not funny thing on YTV. What is with the glued up hair? He wants to look like a cartoon but his personality is so dull that it just looks stupid. He is not at all talented.He thinks he is something, you can tell he is conceited. He should do the weather or go back to acting school. He is way too ugly with awful crooked teeth. He creeps me out, he is like a gross stalker. He talks to kids on the YTV forum and trys to pretend he's a kid. Is he 30? Why is he the host of a kids show? We want sugar baby back. I think he needs to get another job or YTV should fire him. Ajay Fry sucks.moreless