Akino Arai

Akino Arai


8/21/1959, Tokyo, Japan

Birth Name

Arai Akino


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Akino grew up with the love of music with the help of her father and support of her mother. Never dreaming that she'd become a famous Japanese singer, Arai Akino eventually studied music in college, although it wasn't her first choice. She got some experience in singing by…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Although Akino wrote most of her songs on her first album, many of them were re-written by "professional" lyricists to fit the image the industry was trying to portray.

    • The first song Akino recorded when she got her inspiration back was "Moonlight Anthem ~Enju 1991~". Through this song was she able to begin to express her true feelings again.

    • Akino's father is who first exposed her to music. They used to listen to music together and even make up a few songs of their own.

    • In Akino's younger years, a childhood friend of hers vowed that if he ever became employed by a record company, that he'd submit her demo tape to his company.

    • Although the time with her father was short, Akino tends to remember and cherish the good times she had with him, rather than dwell on him leaving her, her mother, and her younger brother when she was just 8 years old.

    • Akino's encouragement to follow her singing career came from her mother, who has gently pushed and supported her to accomplish all of her goals.

    • Akino formed a friendship with Tane Tomoko, who has since sung back up at Akino's concert tours and on her albums.

    • Akino formed a brief duet with singer Yayoi Yula, then both proceeded to form the group Goddess in the Morning.

    • Akino was given her own radio show for an hour every week called "Viridian House."

    • Akino has composed and performed jingles for TV commercials.

    • Akino felt much pressure from her agency in the beginning of her career. Because of this, she lost some of her passion and inspiration for music during those years.

    • Akino's music style and sound has drastically changed since the release of her first album.

    • Akino's first performances as a professional singer was doing back up vocals for Murakami Shunichi and Shimizu Nobuyaki in 1985 under the pseudonym Mikan Chang.

    • Akino used music to express herself after the abandonment by her father.

    • Akino is a lover of art. Some of her favorite artists include Osamu Tezuka and Picasso.

    • Akino loves colors that are found in nature.

    • Two of Akino's favorite movies are Wonderful Planet KINZAZA and Jurassic Park.

    • A few of Akino's favorite music artists includes Pink Floyd, Bjork and Led Zeppelin.

    • Akino's blood type is O.

    • Akino has released over 10 albums, 12 singles, and has appeared in more than 40 anime soundtracks.

    • Akino was a "regular" guest singer for the well-known band Zabadak.

    • Akino's music has been known to be of a more mature version of Japanese-Pop (J-Pop), although it is usually placed in that genre.

    • Akino has performed songs for various animes such as Outlaw Star, Noir, and Video Girl Ai.

    • Although Akino writes most of her own music, she has also performed songs written by famous composer Yoko Kanno.

    • Akino first made her debut in 1986 with her song "Beautiful Star" which was also the theme song to the anime Windaria.

    • Akino was once part of a singing group called Marsh-Mallow.

  • Quotes

  • One of the greatest J-Pop singers IMO.

    Akino Arai is one of my favorite J-Pop singers. She is very talented and has been gifted with a beautiful voice. She is also such a good person even when her life hasn't been all that easy. She has done many songs in her career and I like almost all of them. (Come on now, everyone has at least one song that they aren't fond of from their favorite singer or artist.) Akino has a unique music style and has used it to express herself wonderfully. I think she's her own person and walks her own path. Her music and lyrics portrays this well.moreless