Akmal Saleh

Akmal Saleh


Cairo, Egypt

Birth Name

Peter Akmal Saleh



Also Known As

Akmal, Peter Saleh
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Akmal Saleh is an Egyptian-born, Australian comedian, who began his career as a standup comic in pubs. Following his immediate success he began to tour the country and perform reguarly at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. He has also had many appearances on television, commencing as a side-act on…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2007, Akmal's stand-up show was performed in the Sydney Opera House, which is reserved for only the best acts.

    • In 2005, Akmal was included in The Great Debate on Channel 10, where Australia's top comedians debate a current hot topic in the news.

    • Akmal has had numerous appearances on most Australian talk, comedy and variety shows, including Thank God You're Here, Rove Live, The Glass House, The Footy Show and Good News Week. He has also had numerous appearances on FM radio, including Triple M, Triple J and 2Day FM.

    • Akmal, with comedians Gary Eck and Anthony Mir, wrote a number of stand-up routines, such as "All Aussies Are Boofta", "Bound And Gagged" and "Hoot". The trio also wrote the television series The 50 Foot Show, shown on the Comedy Channel. Akmal and Gary Eck were to join again later, as part of the team in the news parody The Nation.

    • Akmal has toured alongside the likes of Ben Elton and Steven Wright.

    • Akmal began his stand-up career going by the name Peter, to ensure he could get booked by RSL clubs.

    • Akmal was only eleven when his family decided to leave Egypt and head for Australia.

    • Akmal, along with fellow comedian Cal Wilson, hosts the afternoon radio show on 96.9 Nova FM.

    • Akmal released a new stand-up DVD in January 2008, entitled AKMAL Live + Uncensored.

    • In 2003 Akmal was nominated for an Australian Comedy Award in the category of 'Outstanding Comic Screenplay' for You Can't Stop the Murders.

    • Akmal grew up in the New South Wales suburb of Punchbowl.

    • Akmal starred on the comedy variety show In Siberia Tonight, which was hosted by Steve Abbott.

    • Akmal is a very popular Australian comedian.

    • Akmal was the special guest comedian at the Orientation Week (O-Week) of the University Of New South Wales in 2006.

  • Quotes

    • Akmal: [On his style of comedy] Comedy...becomes wog comedy when that's all you talk about. You limit yourself, you paint yourself into a corner doing only wog jokes.

    • Akmal: I think for me comedy filled the void that religion left.