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  • My Hero....Al Gore

    Al Gore is a person that ran for being the democratic president in 2000, but sadly lost to George Bush by just a slim margin of votes in the state of flordia. after that, he decided to make his life centered around something else.

    In 2005, Al Gore decided to write a book and it would be called the "Inconvenient Truth". This book would be about Global Warming and what humans are doing to the planet and what we already did. this book sold millions and later became a documentary movie. it won an oscar award that year for best documentary.

    Al Gore has became famous over the years and is going to be known as the guy who told us about Global Warming. Overall, he's a great person and a talented person too!
  • A great man

    Al Gore, former vice-president of the United States of America is taking a huge part in preventing global warming.He has inspired many and has helped the world in more ways than you can imagine. Mr. Gore is a trully great man, he has been using his popularity to help convince people to support and give a helping hand for the cause he is well known for supporting. He's been into the movie business and has just recently won an award for a silver screen production. Al Gore is just getting started with his motive and will find better and bigger ways to help the world.
  • Al Gore for President of the United States 2008.

    Al Gore is a talented, intelligent charismatic man who needs to win the 2008 Presidenital Election. Not Hillary Clinton, not Howard Dean not even John McCain. Forget them. We need a smart to run the country unlike Bush who is the John Cena of politics. I am
    voting for this man in 2K8 for the sake of my country and humanity. Maybe we'll have a better economy as well.
  • Al is back!

    Al Gore recently appeared on Saturday Night Live. Gore MADE this episode in the first 3 minutes! His opening monlogue literally paved the way for a bid for the White House in 2008. It was pointed, relevant and DAMN FUNNY! If the election were tomorrow, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat! Welcome back, Al! Al Gore for President in 2008.                                       
  • Al Gore should have been president.

    Al Gore was the vice president for Bill Clinton from 1994-2000. He also ran for president and lost to Mr. Bush. Al Gore as of now runs his own tv network which debuted in August. Al Gore vice president was Joe Lieberman. The first Jewish person elected to run as vice president.