Al Madrigal




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Living on the same block as local legendary comics Michael Meehan and Michael Pritchard in San Francisco's Inner Sunset District, Al saw early on that aspiring to make people laugh could be an attainable pursuit. As his father can attest to, from the age of 12 Al would spend countless hours watching all of the televised stand-up and sketch comedy he could find. It was really quite sad. He would watch anything to everything: from SCTV to Short Attention Span Theatre, from Al Lubel to Dave Chappelle. It was not long thereafter that Al began daydreaming about getting his own 30-second clip played repeatedly on Comedy Central or, even better yet, becoming a regular guest on local morning radio. After nearly graduating from USF in 1994 (ironically he is two Spanish credits short of being a college grad) Al went to work for his family's staffing business. While diligently spending time at his desk taking calls regarding trumped up workmen's compensation claims and payroll errors, (his mom gave him a nice corner office) Al began to fantasize again about his comedy prospects. Since he was great at handling people over the phone, Al's mom let him discipline and/or fire their leased out employees for various levels of incompetence. As if being his mom's designated hatchet man weren't funny enough, Al finally began doing stand-up in May of 1998. Al started the necessary and tedious process of performing at open mic nights with the hopes of some day being able to perform on stage at a real comedy club. After a year or so of doing comedy in San Francisco, while still working at his family's business, Al started to get more and more offers to perform at larger venues. During his first four years of doing stand-up, the SF Punchline and Cobb's Comedy Club gave Al repeated opportunities to work with his favorite headliners. In addition to Al's full-time job of firing people and stand-up, Al became a founding member of the popular sketch comedy group The Fresh Robots. In July 2002 everything changed. Al was invited to perform for the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. Al and twenty other comics performed their stand-up as part of the festival's "New Faces" segment before 400 people that included TV and movie executives looking for promising comedians. Shortly thereafter Al was sent out on several auditions and met with TV casting departments from every network. After a nationwide search, Al was tapped to star in The Ortegas, a show about a Mexican family that builds a talk show studio for their son in the back yard. Cheech Marin (an idol to Al) plays the patriarch, and Al his fame-seeking son. Only a few minutes of the show are scripted, while the bulk of the show consists of Al interviewing celebrities while Cheech and the rest of the family (mom and grandma) ad-lib with the celebrity guests. Al has now moved to LA with his wonderful wife and son and instead of worshipping comics from afar, he is now one of them. He has appeared on Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and NBC's Late Friday. Make sure to join the mailing list for future stand-up dates & televised appearances.