Al Roker

Al Roker


8/20/1954, Queens, New York

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Albert L. Roker, Mr. Roker, Albert Roker
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Albert L. Roker was born on August 20th 1954 in Queens, New York. Al is best known for serving up the weather with a smile on "The Today Show" for many years.


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    • Al (on his controversial interview with Heidi and Spencer Pratt): When I got the assignment they said I'd be interviewing Speidi, I thought, Tobey McGuire? Is it Spiderman 4?

    • (Al's most famous catchphrase on the Today show when he segues to the local weather.)
      Al: That's what's going on around the country; Here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.

    • Al: (on if Katie Couric were to leave Today which then was unsure) None of us can worry about that, because it's not something we can control.

    • Al: (on being weatherman on "The Today Show" as he told The Associated Press) I was just thrilled to get the gig to begin with. Ten years later to still have it is not only thrilling but also somewhat of a puzzlement.

    • Al: I ate myself stupid, I thought, `I'm never going to eat like this again.' The only trick was to make sure I didn't have a heart attack before I did the deal.

  • older male audience

    hi al roker remember the gentleman name lenny that was always out side n the audience n older guy . have you or any of the cast members heard from him thx mmc an older black male
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    Al you are a disappointment I thought you would never pull the race card ,now that you have I see you for what you are,I am native American and dont cry about the white man stealing land and killing the women and children why?because that happen in another life time,I always thought of you as someone to look up to but you have show it is not above you to pull the race card,that cab driver was working trying to make a living,now You have put out bad karma and it will come back to you,moreless