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  • Alabama is one of the greatest groups.They have done alot to help less fortunate people.They are the best.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Alabama on Dec.8th,1980,before
    they really became famous.I met them in Salisbury,NC in a place called The Foxy Lady.They were great then.The place was standing room only.I took my mom to Charlotte to see them in the late 80's.They were her favorite group.I have
    all their cd's that they have ever recorded.I heard them before they changed the name to Alabama.The name of their group was Wild Country,and that was in the 70's.I know that they have done alot for children as well.They donate alot of money to St.Jude's and have been there on several occasions to visit all the children.I know that the children and St.Jude's was thrilled to see them.Thank God for people like them.God bless Randy,Jeff,Teddy,and Mark.
    My favorite song that they did was Angels Among Us.I loved
    the vedio about it also.
  • They're some of country music's living legends.

    What can I say about the country group Alabama? Right off the top of my head, what comes to mind is that Randy Owen and the guys sing great traditional (and the occasional contemporary) country songs about living a simpler life in rural areas (their songs High Cotton and Down Home comes to mind) and songs that tributes the hard workers of the country (40 Hour Week as an example). Their music just continues to get better through out the years and their concerts look like they could have been very entertaining to attend while they were still touring. Another thing that I love about Alabama is the beautiful voice of lead singer Randy Owen. His great voice is the perfect partner of the songs that are on their albums. In all, Alabama has accomplished so much in their 30 year career, sang so many great songs and have amassed so many fans who are sad to know that they won't be touring again.