Alan Carr

Alan Carr


6/14/1976, Northampton

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Alan Carr


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Alan Carr is an English stand-up comedian and television presenter. He is perhaps best known for his partnership with Justin Lee Collins.


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    • Alan: I just think gay people need to get over themselves. Just because you're gay and on the telly doesn't mean you're a role model. I'm just a comedian. That's all I am. ... What am I meant to do? Do I go down the Julian Clary route and talk about fisting and poppers? I don't talk about being gay and I think what better equality for gays than that?

    • Alan: I get very protective about our seaside towns. I was born in one, Weymouth, down in Dorset, and then I lived in Blackpool. That was down to my dad Graham, a football manager. Like members of a circus, we would go wherever Dad found work, and luckily we went to the biggest seaside circus of them all.

    • Alan: [on his friendship with Justin Lee Collins] We couldn't be cool if we tried. But we have a lot of fun.

    • Alan: My humour isn't camp - I am camp. And it annoys me when camp in the gay world is seen as a handicap. Personally I find the 'straight acting' gays ridiculous, come off it I mean we can all grow a moustache and shop at Matalan can't we?

    • Alan: I worked in a call centre before everyone lost their jobs to Bangalore.

    • Alan: These people who criticise gay people for being camp, have they looked in the mirror? Are they particularly butch?

    • Alan: I hate the fashion at the minute. How're we sposed to dress cool? It's all skinny fit jeans, neckerchiefs, straggly hair... I mean, I don't wanna look like David Essex. What do you accessorise with, a dog on a piece of string?