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  • Great!

    The biggest reason why The O.C. is such a success is because it is one of those rare shows where its supporting cast is just as strong as its main cast. The main characters are amazing enough, but The O.C. wouldn't be The O.C. if it weren't for guys like Caleb Nichol played by Alan Dale. Overly serious, will get whatever he wants because he has all the money he desires, liar, deceitful, etc. To have to burden all of these sins in just one character, Alan Dale pulls it off as well as anyone else. Not familiar with his other roles outside of Caleb Nichol, but he's just fantastic in The O.C.
  • In the O.C. a very underated actor

    In the middle of all the teenage angst, good looking adults and teenagers good acting i feel is overlooked. He conveys scheming amongst other traits very believibly. He also conveys change and emotion in the middle of the second serious which is a side previously we presummed Caleb didn\'t posess. He is not a main character in the characters the show follows but is a very major character if that makes sense. All lives he is invloved in means that the show wouldn\'t be the same without him.