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  • A Kind and Gentle Man

    Alan Hale Jr. will always be known as the Skipper but from what I heard he was the most friendliest actor you would ever meet. Instead of being annoyed of being known from Gilligan's Island like Tina Louise aka Ginger Grant Alan Hale embraced it. He would always kindly be photographed with his fans and he always has his Skipper's hat. As for me it was the Skipper who was my favorite because although he was gruff and loses his temper with Gilligan he loved him like he was his father. Sherwood Schwartz was right in choosing Alan Hale over Carroll O'Connor.
  • The many roles of Alan Hale Jr

    I am a gilligan fanatic (just like my user name says) so I have been collecting movies and TV appearances with the cast. I have seen a lot of things with Alan Hale besides his role on GI and he is great every time. I have a lot of sitcom appearances with him like on The Lucy Show, Green Acres, Batman, The Good Guys, and a lot more. He is funny big and warm, a gentle giant. He makes the screen more friendlier. I have also seen him on Lassie and he conquerors drama to. Such a great guy, doesn\'t get the credit he deserves.
  • He was a very good actor who could play anything from outlaw to beloved skipper.

    I will always remember Alan Hale, Jr., in the part of the ill-fated captain of the Minnow on Gilligan's Island. When he wasn't on that show trying to solve problems that Gilligan created he was fighting natives, people who came on the Island, or trying to device a way to get off the island. He could also play an outlaw as shown in an episode of 'Wanted: Dead or Alive", which starred Steve McQueen. In the episode Shawnee Bill, he plays the title character Shawnee Bill, an outlaw whose wife was dieing and needed money for treatment. In true form he sends the money he gets from Josh in a ruse to his wife. He was a big teddy bear well loved by many watchers of his tv shows. He died in 1990 after a long time on television and movies and will be sorely missed.