Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson


10/17/1958, Newman, Georgia (USA)

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    • Alan Jackson: You need to keep your perspective. You have to remember where you came from.

    • Alan Jackson: I don't think I've changed all that much from a kid who grew up in a small town.

    • Alan Jackson: To me, songwriting is the backbone of Nashville. Looks can go, fads can go, but a good song lasts forever.

    • Alan Jackson: When my girls do something very small, it means something big to me. Just watching them accomplish things from the time they're infants in wonderful.

    • Alan Jackson: Do what's in your heart and don't let people change you. Do what you want to do.

    • Alan Jackson: Ten years ago I was driving a forklift at the Kmart warehouse and nobody was screaming at me then.
      I guess it's the magic of show business.

    • Alan Jackson: I hate the star part of the business. I like the singing, and writing and all that goes with it. But I wish when I get off the (tour) bus I could be more normal and go down to Kmart and buy me a fishing lure.

    • Alan Jackson: Everybody says it's nice to be nominated and it is. It's nice to be included – especially with as many years as I've been in the business. A lot of people's careers aren't lucky enough to last this long and I don't know why it keeps working, but it does. I'll just keep on doing it.

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  • Music to my ears

    He is a cheery act. Great on the guitar and great performances...
  • Traditional country. Always stays close to it. Great songwriter too

    I've been a fan of Alan since I could talk. His music really tells simple truths that come from his heart and what most of America thinks. He has a great voice too. He's half contemporary and half hard-core country. The fact that legends like Haggard and Jones respect him. It says a lot. It really does. Sometimes I wanna laugh when I hear his songs sometimes I wanna cry. I guess that's another reason I really like Alan. He has us feel different emotions. We aren't stuck on the same one every time. I probably know people in New York in LA that like his music as much as I do Here are my top 20 songs from Alan. That's right I said 20:

    20: Like Red On A Rose

    19: That'd Be Alright

    18: It's Alright To Be A Redneck

    17: The Talking Repair Song Blues

    16: Chattahochie

    15: Summertime Blues

    14: Designated Drinker (Featuring George Strait)

    13: Drive

    12: Work In Progress

    11: Home

    10: Chasin' That Neon Rainbow

    9: Mercury Blues

    8: Wanted

    7: Livin' On Love

    6: When Somebody Loves You

    5: Tonight I Climbed The Wall

    4: It's Five O' Clock Somewhere (Featuring Jimmy Buffet)

    3: Once In A Lifetime Love

    2: Here In The Real World

    AND the greatest song of all time in my opnion!!!!!!

    1: Where Were You When The World Stoped Turning?moreless