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  • The perfect actor. Simply as that.

    I think he's the perfect actor. He's simply brilliant. He's one of brittains greatest actor's, and have been in most of the big screen movies lately without most people knowing it's him! My friend's didn't know about him untill Itold them about him and when we were watching a Harry Potter movie once I said: "There he is! That's Alan Rickman," And everyone goes: Ahhhh! Annoying is it not. And especially when I just told them about him, and they have seen a movie with him. But he is a little unrecogniseable with the wig and the black robes. I love him as an actor and my goal is too have all his flms on dvd in my dvd stash. I love him in movies like Sense and Sensibillity, Galaxy Quest, Love Actually, The Harry Potter movies etc. I strongly recommand you see him in his newest film: SnowCake.
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    Alan Rickman is a great actor. He burst onto the scene as one of the all time great villains, Hans Gruber, in Die Hard. He would be well remembered just for that, but his career since then has been steady and successful.

    Nowadays his role as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series is probably his best known. But he also made a wonderfully evil Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood and was fantastic in Galaxy Quest.

    To me, though, he'll always be Hans Gruber. Great Actor!
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    Alan Rickman is Snape in the Harry Potter series and the clever Villan in Die Hard. He is an incredibly amazing actor. There are just so many words to describe him. He just plays the bad guy so well.
  • Alan Rickman always gives a great performance

    Alan Rickman has played in a series of movies he most notible ones are Harry Potter where he play Severus Snape the potions master and head of Slytherin. Snape is protrayed differenly in the movies though not as cruel in the movies as the books Alan's take on him is great, he has that slow yet serious voice and can prove to be comecial at times, He also played in Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen and played the villian in Robin Hood Prince of Theives, he can play a number of roles but his facial features and low voice make him easly reconizable in any role.
  • Alan Rickman, sigh... He's an amazing actor with a dead sexy voice. He's quite handsome as well.

    I love, love, love Alan Rickman. He is, in my opinion, one of the greatest actors around. I especially love him when he plays the villain, he really captures the audience (or at least me). His voice, wow, it is one of the sexiest voices ever, he could make furniture instructions sound captivating.
  • Does a wonderful job at playing Professor Severus Snape.

    I, only know him for being in Harry Potter (he made Snape my all time favorite character) and in Dogma if I am correct. He was AWESOME! He made me a little proud that J.L. Rowlings work was put into a movie, though they missed too much information on Goblet of Fire. He is and will always be my favorite actor.
  • Probably could play any role ... extremely versatile

    I know that I will never be able to say enough to describe this man. With one of the most beautiful voices and faces, not to mention his ability to give a stellar performance everytime he graces the stage or screen ... Alan has definitely earned his place as one of the all time greats.
  • Alan Rickman is a charming gentleman with an amazing talent in acting. He portrays witty, dark men with such a smooth grace you'll be voting for the bad guy...

    Alan Rickman is a charming gentleman with an amazing talent in acting. He portrays witty, dark men with such a smooth grace you'll be voting for the bad guys, he was voted best villain in 1991! He has a silky voice (often described as 'velvet) that can 'bewitch' any woman ;)! He was even casted as 'The Voice of God' in Dogma. With golden eyes, a prominent nose and quirky eyebrows, he is absolutely gorgeous, he was voted one of the 100 Sexist men in 1995. A picture perfect actor: Alan Rickman.
  • Alan Rickman? More like Alan Shmuckman.

    Alan Rickman is well known for his mediocre reviews of things. He always seems to just give them all 10s. Born in a small cave in Iraq, he was found by a young male deer farmer. He was often raped in the butt by him until he found his way to the computer. Here he wrote a HORRIBLE MORONIC review of Bobobo-bo bo-bobo. This show is known by the whole world as the greatest show EVER. Why he did such is unknown. We all know he will grow up without any friends or a girlfriend. Very sad..or not. It would be sad if he didn\'t SUCK.
  • One of the best Harry Potter actors ever.

    Teh only movies with Alan Rickman I have ever seen are Harry Potter 1, 2, and 3. I can not wait for the next four Harry Potter movies coming up. I think he does a great Severus Snape. I hope he will continue to play Prof. Snape in all of the other Harry Potter movies for years to come.