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  • The perfect actor. Simply as that.

    I think he's the perfect actor. He's simply brilliant. He's one of brittains greatest actor's, and have been in most of the big screen movies lately without most people knowing it's him! My friend's didn't know about him untill Itold them about him and when we were watching a Harry Potter movie once I said: "There he is! That's Alan Rickman," And everyone goes: Ahhhh! Annoying is it not. And especially when I just told them about him, and they have seen a movie with him. But he is a little unrecogniseable with the wig and the black robes. I love him as an actor and my goal is too have all his flms on dvd in my dvd stash. I love him in movies like Sense and Sensibillity, Galaxy Quest, Love Actually, The Harry Potter movies etc. I strongly recommand you see him in his newest film: SnowCake.