Alana De La Garza

Alana De La Garza


6/18/1976, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Birth Name

Alana De La Garza



Also Known As

Alana Garza
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Alana de la Garza was born to a father, Mexican American, and a Irish American mother on June 18, 1976, in Columbus, Ohio. She discovered her passion for acting at the age of nine and, after relocating to Texas with her family, started in the business by way…more


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    • Alana: (on growing up in El Paso, Texas) How many people can say they can go to a different country for lunch?

    • Alana: (on modeling) The modeling was a gift and a curse, it is not as respected as waiting tables, but hey, I was paying my bills,

    • Alana: (on her husband, Mark Roberts) I love that guy. We were friends for seven years.

    • Alana: (on starting her third season of Law & Order) I'm enjoying it while it lasts, it's a gift, regardless. If it ends, I can move on with no regrets.

    • Alana: I get paid to pretend to be someone else. I'm so blessed.

    • Alana: I know that I've been very blessed in my career. I was 23 when I decided to start acting -- I must have an angel on my shoulder or something.

    • Alana: In acting nothing is stable. Every experience is a new ride and you just have to hold on and pray that you don't fall off.

    • Alana: I want to make sure I'm not viewed as a T&A kind of girl. You have to stand up for yourself or no one else will.

    • Alana: If I have to audition for something in the near future I'll just take a deep breath, keep my chin up and jump in.

    • Alana: There's a part of every woman that wants to be some wild seductress or superhero.

    • Alana: Younger women are nervous about 'Oh my gosh-what if he sees my butt, flat on in the night!' Whereas now that I'm a little older, I'm like, 'Hey, this is me, baby! Love all of it-or none of it!' Your inhibitions are a lot less, and I'm not embarrassed to say 'Hey, I don't like that-try this.'

  • Great actress

    The mothership of Law & Order is one of television's most venerable shows and De La Garza's contribution has garnered her an award by the National Hispanic Media Coalition, nomination for the Imagen Awards, great reviews in the NY Times and many positive comments from TV Guide critic Matt Roush. Along with her co-star Linus Roache, De La Garza's portrayal of a New York City ADA makes for both an accurate and entertaining second half to the show. Hopefully there will be many seasons to come with this duo and Law & Order can exceed the record set by Gunsmoke for longest running dramatic series.moreless
  • Gorgeous and talented- what more can I say.

    I have first seen this amazing actress on CSI:Miami and she cought my attention right away. Never have I liked a person after such a short time period. It's a shame that no one else seemed to like her on Miami. Then she disappeared for a short while and came back with a leading role on Law and Order. And now I'm watching her every week and she surprises me everytime with her great charisma. She always has great potential on the big screen (check her out in Mr. Fix It along David Boreanz).I'm telling you in a few years everyone will know this actress' name.moreless