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    • Alana: (on growing up in El Paso, Texas) How many people can say they can go to a different country for lunch?

    • Alana: (on modeling) The modeling was a gift and a curse, it is not as respected as waiting tables, but hey, I was paying my bills,

    • Alana: (on her husband, Mark Roberts) I love that guy. We were friends for seven years.

    • Alana: (on starting her third season of Law & Order) I'm enjoying it while it lasts, it's a gift, regardless. If it ends, I can move on with no regrets.

    • Alana: I get paid to pretend to be someone else. I'm so blessed.

    • Alana: I know that I've been very blessed in my career. I was 23 when I decided to start acting -- I must have an angel on my shoulder or something.

    • Alana: In acting nothing is stable. Every experience is a new ride and you just have to hold on and pray that you don't fall off.

    • Alana: I want to make sure I'm not viewed as a T&A kind of girl. You have to stand up for yourself or no one else will.

    • Alana: If I have to audition for something in the near future I'll just take a deep breath, keep my chin up and jump in.

    • Alana: There's a part of every woman that wants to be some wild seductress or superhero.

    • Alana: Younger women are nervous about 'Oh my gosh-what if he sees my butt, flat on in the night!' Whereas now that I'm a little older, I'm like, 'Hey, this is me, baby! Love all of it-or none of it!' Your inhibitions are a lot less, and I'm not embarrassed to say 'Hey, I don't like that-try this.'