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  • Her role as Manny River aka El Tigre is all I need to give her a score of 10

    Her role as Manny River aka El Tigre is all I need to give her a score of 10. Very talented. Her role as Manny is awesome because the show isn't just about the story, artwork, and comedy its about well talented actors too, and Alana has definitely proven herself to be one of the best. El Tigre wouldn't be the same without what Manny's voice is now, and this actress is truly one of the best, along with Grey DeLisle. The two make an awesome team for the show. I give this actress a ten because of El Tigre anyone with that kind of talent will go far.
  • Best known to most of her fans as Josie from "Beakman's World."

    I have a little love affair with Alanna. Not only is she cute and funny, but I never know when or where she is going to pop up. I knew her first as the original and best effervescent lab assistant Josie on "Beakman's World," but she's gone on on to do so many other roles since then, each one more interesting than the last. Most of her roles can be separated to three types: the artistic as she was in "Denise Calls Up," the goofy sidekick like in "Legally Blonde" and "The Brady Bunch Movie" and the trashy sarcastic character like in "Waiting" and "Meet the Parents." I can only wonder what she is going to come up next.
  • i'm looking at the new tara strong

    Hey cool. after watching El Tigre i found out that she actually did a guy. I found that very impressive. I mean just like Tara Strong, she can do a guy voice without making it sound like those 'fake guy voice'.
    I love her Spanish accent. i find it kinda funny. obviously she's going to do other great shows. And honestly, i think she is way better than Grey DeLisle. I am so sure just because Grey DeLisle did so many voice acting doesnt mean she's good right? Anyway, Ubach is so cool. go her! oh, and congrats for doing the boy voice.