Albert Dekker





12/20/1905 , Brooklyn, New York



Birth Name




Albert Dekkar was born as Albert Van Ecke in Brooklyn, New York, on December 20th, 1905. Dekker (his stage name taken after his mother's maiden name) went to Bowdoin College and started his acting career in 1927. After a few months of working with the Cincinnati group, he was able to secure a feature part in the Broadway production of Marco Millions. He spent many years in the theater until moving to film in 1937. He has appeared in over 70 films, the most notable being his character Dr. Alexander Thorkel from the movie Dr. Cyclops, a notorious hit man in the film The Killers and a railroad detective in the famous western, The Wild Bunch. Aside from movies, he tried his hand in American politics and won a seat in the California State Assembly in 1944. He was a Democratic member for two years. During his tenure, he was highly critical of Senator McCarthy. After suffering a tragic death, Dekkar was found dead two days later, in his Hollywood home, on May 5, 1968.