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Alberta Watson

Alberta Watson


3/6/1955, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Faith Susan Alberta Watson



Also Known As

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Alberta Watson, well known to television audiences for her Gemini award-nominated role as Madeline on the cable hit "La Femme Nikita," enjoys a long and diverse career in television and film. She received a Genie nomination for best supporting actress for one of her first movie roles, Mitzi…more


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    • Alberta: It's funny - I'm getting older and I'm getting more work. It makes me happy that I'm at an age now where doors would start to close, but they're starting to open. I'm playing some interesting women.

    • Alberta: I like difficult subject matters. When you're trying to find a character, you find yourself looking under a lot of rocks.

    • Alberta (on Madeline): She's like a cyborg. She gets her job done no matter what she has to do. Her outward approach is civil and respectful, but she wouldn't think twice about ripping someone's heart out.

  • Great Performance on 24

    She is a great actress, this year she appeared as a regular on 24 as Erin Driscoll, and she evolved excellent her rol as the Head of CTU LA. She create a great character in the series and she must return for other season in the future because she is now the most complex character Jack Bauer has to deal with (filling the space that Chapelle left) so it would be great seing Jack Bauer arguing with her again!! Way to go Alberta you are great!moreless