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    • Aldis: (On his favorite episode of Leverage) We did an episode "The Three Days of the Hunter Job" and I was able to really step out of what Hardison does, naturally, and get into a character. I was playing an old war vet who was schizo, freaked out, all bugged out Mr. Conspiracy theory. That episode was nothing but fun to play. There's another episode [which airs September 2] where Hardison decided to take on the role of being a grifter; he decided to just go off and do his own thing without letting anybody know. I'm playing this greasy gangster from London and he's just all color and flash. I felt like that one was just throwing the imagination out there and seeing what we hit. And I think we hit the nail on the head with that one; it was a great episode to do. You know, they're stretching me this year, which I love, because that's the only part of being an actor is to stretch. I want to step outside of my comfort zone, I don't like sitting in the same spot for too long. They're giving me that, so I'm a happy and unfortunate man.