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    • Aldis: (On his favorite part of his character on Leverage) The fact that he is intelligent. As an actor, as an African American actor the roles are very limited. Usually it takes awhile to get a good role and not a product or a stereotype. I mean I've played thug-this and killer-that for so long it got boring and tired. It started to be make me unhappy in my career, but this role comes along, I can actually play a cool person. He knows what he's doing, and yes he's a thief but he's doing it for the right reasons. He's actually an intelligent person, and that is what I love. Everything that went along with the job, great people, great cast, great production and great crew... we actually had a really great set and a good environment. This job has been amazing, and I've had fun working on it. It's probably been one of the best networks I've worked with, TNT, probably one of my favorite jobs so far.