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  • He's a good actor and narrator.

    I'm telling you, Alec Baldwin is awesome! He did the narrating for Seasons 5-6 of "Thomas the Tank Engine" perfectly! He also did good movie acting in "The Cat in the Hat" and "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie". Some people say he did horrible narrating in "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends" Seasons 5-6. I have no clue why. I have all his narrating on some of my "Thomas the Tank Engine" video tapes and DVDs. Oh, did I forget to mention one thing? He also did great acting and guest starring in TV series such as "The Simpsons". He's the best!
  • I love this guy's acting/narrating!

    I think Alec Baldwin is a great actor. I really believed his role in 'Thomas and the Magic Railroad'. He played Mr. Conductor and he was reallyy good at it. He's my favorite character. Also, he narrated Seasons 5-6 of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. I believe that he did a really good job of narrating and many others do, too. After seeing these seasons, he became my new favorite narrator, beffore George Carlin. His voice is very easy to understand and not too squeaky or anything like that. I'm really upset that he doesn't narrate anymore. Alec Baldwin, overall, is very talented!
  • Best narrator for Thomas.

    I was a big fan of the series, Thomas the Tank Engine. And I have to admit (of course not to my friends at school) I still like the show. But since the show used no real characters that didn't even show their mouths moving, there had to be narrators for the show. Alec Baldwin was one of them, and I think he did great. Alec Baldwin was definately my favorite narrator for Thomas the Tank Engine. He also narrarated a bit in the movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, as well as appeared in the movie!

    For some reason, I think this actor is so talented. I will always remember him from my childhood. I even saw him in a part of 30 Rock, and I think he was great. What am I saying!?? He's great in everything he's in!!
  • Not the Worst TTTE Narrator

    I dont know why people hate him so much as Narrator I dont think hes the worst, In my opinion its Michael Brandon whos worse narrator. He may have made James sound Gay but What the Bloody Hell is so wrong with that sure it may be a Kids Show but The Fact that Hercules on TUGS Calls alot of Tugs my Dear and Sweetheart, If it werent for Lillie Lightship some may consider Hercules Gay Hes a very good Narrator that is underapreciatted and was much better compared to Michael Brandon! I was disapointed when I bought New Friends for Thomas VHS and found He didnt Narrate it (Though Michael Angelis was a Good Narrator for TTTE) I was very disappointed when I also bought Steamies vs. Diesels and found that the Music was aweful, Something didnt look right and Worst of all th narrator (Michael Brandon) sounded like a Wuss! I give Alec Baldwin 5 Stars!
  • The Worst Narrator

    After George Carlin left Thomas the Tank Engine, four seasons narrating gone, Britt Alcroft went for another big name for the American spot. Sadly, Alec Baldwin was a very bad choice. I haven't heard much of his narration but the few episodes I have heard are awful. Nearly all of the voices sound the same, but there were some bad changes. His voice for James' is well known for making him sound really gay I don't really like him as an actor that much either. I saw some of "30 Rock" and he wasn't funny at all. And he was awful in Thomas and the Magic Railroad. I think most of you will agree that Alec deserves this
  • This man has been on everything but he just keeps getting better. He's one of the greatest SNL hosts of all time which is why it's so fitting that he be the star of 30 Rock, the new show behind the scenes at a sketch comedy show.

    This man knows how to deliver a line. He does more with less, and knows exactly how to use his body and his tone to express so much in his movie announcer-esqe low voice.

    In movies he's great as well. I especially liked the underrated "The Shadow". He is always entertaining on the screen and he usually winds up stealing every scene he's in.

    In the departed for example he owns the scenes he's in. His delivery is spot on, and he seems to have found a new inner intensity with age that he never used to have.

    I just saw his fantastic scene from GlenGarryGlenRoss and I have to say that I truly believe that every movie would be a little better if it had a little more Alec Baldwin.
  • I underestimated his talent.

    I never really cared much for his talent as actor till I watched 30 rock, The Departed, and running with scissors. He brings a natural prescience to the screen that really brings the character to life. I believe that right now we're seeing the best Alec Baldwin. His priceless in 30 rock with witty humor and a great counter part to Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan. His presence in The Departed was over shadowed by all of the great actors but still delivered an outstanding performance. In Running with Scissors he didn't have a huge part but he played a great Dad and really conveys how messed up things are. I hope we see better things from him in the future.
  • Alec, you were so unappreciated by Kim!

    I wish an ordinary person like myself had a chance with you...can you say "heaven on earth?"..oh yeah! Oh my, now they tell my I have to type 100 words and keep em clean about ya...are they kidding...I'm not thinking clean right now! I love you on 30 Rock, you are so funny; but then again, you are great in everything I've ever seen you in..I even thought you were sexy when the paparattzi (don't know how to spell that...) caught you shoving french fries in your mouth while having lunch with your daughter the way, once she's of age and can choose where she wants to go, I'm sure it WILL be with you..not Kim (poor girl has issues)...Alec, you're the best, the king, the man and so very yummy....
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    Alec Baldwin (the successful Baldwin brother) is a true actor. You really believe that he got into acting because he loves it for what it is. You'll never see him in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about him. In his roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than he. Of all of his roles in all of his movies, my favorite has to be "The Departed."
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    Awesome actor. He is one of the best, simply just like that, he has appeared in a lot of numerous good films and he has done great work on shows, he is awesome and I think that he is very talented, and very funny whenever he wants to be funny and serious whenever he wants to be serious. He is awesome and he is one of the greatest actors ever!
  • once again one of the all time greats.

    Alec Baldwin
    Alec Baldwin is one of the all time greats.
    He is performence Running with Scissors
    was great oscar in the future. 30 rock his role in 30 rock is great he is so funny. Although he is in s series role.
    Hosted SNL so many times. With so many great performes.
  • the best thomas and friends narrator ever

    this guy is great. i knew him from narrating thomas and friends I thought he was the best. Too bad he only narrated 2 seasons. he is also a good actor. and I agree with him about not liking bush I dont like him either. Michael Brandon is narrating thomas now is is horrible he is re-narrating season 6 which Alec narrated and Brandon screws up a lot. I dont why everyone hated Baldwin as a narrator I thounght he did an awsome job. it would be cool if I could meet Alec Baldwin some day. he also gave thomas a tough voice I liked that.
  • He does the voice of Salty so well.

    Alec Baldwin used to narrorate for Thomas & Friends for two seasons. He did an excellent job of it too. Buy what amazed me was how he did Salty's voice. No one does it better than him. Micheal Brandon is a good narrorator, but he can't voice Salty like Bladwin can.
  • He did Thomas & Friends for two seasons. That`s how I knew about him.

    I heard about Alec Baldwin when his first Thomas video came out & I thought he was just as good as Ringo Starr. Pretty soon I found out he was in other stuff (I was little) like Cats & Dogs & other movies I can`t remember the names to. I thought he was a great actor/narrator & still do. Then I found he played the vilains in some movies (again, I was little). After a few months of watching the Thomas tapes he did, I saw that he was in the movie, Thomas & The Magic Railroad. He did great in that, too!

    A couple years later (this year, 2005) my dad came home from work & said he met & shook hands with Alec Baldwin. I said, "Aww! I wanted to meet him!".


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