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Aleisha Allen


Aleisha Allen Fan Reviews (4)

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  • She's a very talented actress.

    Aleisha Allen was born on April 28, 1991 in Bronx, New York. She is a highly talented actress. She should have her own show. She was in the show, Out of the Box. That used to be my favorite show when I was little. I saw her in School of Rock and she has a great singing voice. She was in Are We There Yet and Are We Done Yet and she played Lindsay. I only saw Are We Done Yet and she was awesome in it! Her laugh is so funny. :P Lol so anyways she is a great actress!
  • she talented

    she really talanted and i can't believe that shes my age and 8 months older than me!!! thats crazy i was watching her on out of the box!! i can't believe it! and she can sing! i was watching school house rock and it was really good !!!! and i wish i could play a instrment to go to the shool that would be soo cool she lucky that she got to sct my parents would never let me do that!!!
  • Aleisha Allen is a very talanted actress.I met her in F.D.R park out of town NY on August 13,2005 after I spotted her out and my little sister Jesenia got her autograph. She is very polite. If you ever read this Aleisha E-mail me sometime.My name is Dimit

    I think Aleisha Allen should pursue her acting career. She is very good at it so she should take advantage of her talent.I always wanted to be a actor,maybe one day I will.If I ever really speak to her she would be able to give me some acting tips.Since I live in New York we could also discuss the wonders of New York.Just from me seeing her in person I can tell she is a cool person. I know her parents are very proud of her and that she is the apple of their eye. From your maybe one day friend,Dimitri.
  • Aleisha, I believe is a very beautiful, and talented television/movie star. She should have more movies with her as a star actor put out so others like me can see how well she is capable of performing.

    Aleisha is a very beautiful, talented actor, with much potential. If she were to be given a T.V. show it would be a great success because she is the type of actor who can attract a large number of audience. She proved she had much talent through her star role in the hit movie "Are We There Yet", with co-star ice cube. She should also star in more movies because she is obviously a great actor. Her performances in many hit movies such as "Are We There Yet", "School Of Rock" etc. prove that she is a very capable actor and should have many more star roles.