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  • Trivia

    • During her time in the Big Brother house, Aleisha revealed her weirdest place she's ever had sex as being in a cubby house.

    • Aleisha and her Big Brother housemate, Emma Cornell, became housemates once again, when Aleisha moved in to Emma's Sydney apartment in 2008.

    • As of mid February 2008 Billy and Aleisha were still a couple and attending Big Brother appearances together.

    • Aleisha was the winner of Big Brother 2007, with a 2% margin between her and fellow housemate Zach.

    • Aleisha is friends with American actress Eliska Amor. The friends met during Amor's trip to Australia and have remained close since early 2006.

    • Aleisha's sister Kimberly, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2004 and came home from hospital in October 2006. She was then struck down with two other life-threatening diseases, a rare auto-immune disease that left her paralysed, and total heart failure. Kimberly was declared a "world-first" after an experimental heart implant, the first time in someone so young, saved her. In a miracle twist, Kimberly's own heart started beating after 12 months.

    • Aleisha and Billy's romance in the Big Brother prompted their nick-name 'Ali-B'.

    • Aleisha, along with Emma, was the first housemate in Big Brother to discover the new rule that the winner of Friday Night live could discuss nominations with the person they chose to join them in the rewards room.

    • Aleisha has revealed her biggest turn-on to be a guy's arms. Her biggest turn-off is cockiness.

    • Asked how far she would go with a male in the Big Brother house, Aleisha stated she would go no further than kissing.

    • Aleisha was the last remaining female housemate, after Daniela was evicted on July 15, 2007. She remained in the house with Billy, Travis, Zoran, Joel and Zach.

    • During the police task in Big Brother, Aleisha acted as drill seargent and could only yell at her fellow house-mates (police cadets). She almost lost her voice during the week from yelling so much.

    • During Big Brother, Aleisha was given the personal task of counselling her fellow house-mates. She was told to encourage them to provide a self-analysis and then tell each of them what she thought of them. Big Brother then told her that if she failed her task, she would automatically be up for nomination that week.

    • Aleisha was the longest lasting Big Brother housemate to remain un-nominated. She was finally nominated in the ninth week of the series, when she was automatically nominated after failing a personal task set by Big Brother himself.

    • Aleisha celebrated her 21st birthday in the Big Brother house, where she was given a country-themed party.

    • Aleisha's dream is to own her own business and have someone else manage it.

    • Aleisha says one of her worst traits is her gullibility. Aleisha has also stated she has never read a book cover to cover.

    • One of Aleisha's phobias is being trapped under a doona. Another phobia involves birds coming too close to her.

    • On the 2007 season opener of the Australian series of Big Brother, Aleisha described herself as hyperactive, happy-go-lucky, modest and energetic.

    • Aleisha has seven siblings and describes her family as 'ditsy'. Her father committed suicide in 1993. Aleisha had not seen him since her parents separated when she was three years old.

    • Aleisha's occupation at the time of entering the Big Brother house was as a hairdresser.

  • Quotes

    • Aleisha: (on fellow "Big Brother" housemate, Billy) Billy was my distraction from the outside, which I needed because I have a very close family. From the minute he walked in, I knew he was going back overseas so I wasn't thinking too much about things.

    • Aleisha: (on fellow "Big Brother" housemate, Billy) I definitely had feelings for him, otherwise I wouldn't have been kissing him, but I never let it get out of control because it's not reality in there. He isn't really my type, looks-wise, either. He's a pretty boy and I want to cut his hair off!

    • Aleisha: (on continuing her relationship with Billy out of the "Big Brother" house) I would say our relationship probably won't last. But I won't rule it out yet. I just want to go back to Cobram and hang out with my friends and family. I'm sure I can go a little while without seeing him.

    • Aleisha: In six months, four people who I was very close to died. Then my dad committed suicide and my sister [Kimberley] became very sick with cancer. It was pretty much two to three years of sickness and death. I was just always positive throughout it. I look at my life and think, 'There are people ouit there who are worse off than me.' I have a great life.

    • Aleisha: (to Billy, on their relationship) Just one thing I ask. Don't look at this whole experience as what you felt in here was because you were in here. Because all you are really, is in a house.

    • Aleisha: (on her father, who passed away in 1993) Even though I didn't really know him that well, you always imagine that you will. You always think, 'One day we'll have a relationship'.

    • Aleisha: (on her relationship with Billy while in the "Big Brother" house) I like him, I do really like him. I take it for what it is in here and then I'll just wait for what happens out there. There's no point cementing it.

    • Aleisha: (speculating how "Big Brother" would end) There's two weeks to go, and only six Housemates left. So there'll be a double next Sunday, leaving four. A double the following Sunday night, leaving two Housemates for the finale the next night. See, I can be smart sometimes. I can surprise you.

    • Aleisha: (on her underdog status) I prefer to be underestimated.

    • Aleisha: I'm the ditzy blonde country bumpkin with the bogan accent.

    • Aleisha: (asked what the topic would be if she ever appeared on a talk show) I'd never be on one, but "I'm cheating with my brother's ex-girlfriend's mother's uncle's son" could be fun.

    • Aleisha: (on the best piece of advice someone's ever given her) Every 60 seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you never get back.

    • Aleisha: (on loyalty in the Big Brother house) You can't trust anyone but yourself, but you can trust me.

    • Aleisha: Love's confusing when you're young.

    • Aleisha: (when asked who her hero is) Captain Planet because he's going to take pollution down to zero.

    • Aleisha: How did the blonde try to kill a bird? She threw it off a cliff. It's so funny… because birds fly.

    • Aleisha: (on boys in the gym) Tell me when all the shirts come off and I'll come over and have a look.