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  • Alessandra Torresani, who plays Zoe Graystone on Caprica. She's smart, sexy, self-aware and fun. I think I found my new crush.

    Alessandra Torresani is of Italian descent and started out doing kid shows. One of the first things you notice about Alessandra is her deep voice. Plus, from watching her Maxim interview, she seems to have a dirty mouth. I first noticed Alessandra when I watched Caprica for the first time. She is young-looking enough to play a 16-year-old even though she's 23 right now. She has appeared in magazine photos and has been interviewed a lot. Alessandra seems to be one of those down-to-Earth actresses who doesn't seem to be affected by all the fame. According to the LA Times, "...she's a firecracker. The crowd can't get enough..." Plus, I just learned she's a fan of the holiday Halloween. I hope I get to meet her one day. She's definitely going to stay in thoughts for a while.