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    • Alessandra: I'm a complete girly-girl, but I do consider myself as a complete dork. [In high school] I was a theater nerd and intelligent in math. My parents thought I was going to go to MIT and here I come out singing and dancing and acting.

    • Alessandra: I gotta say, I have great genes! My mom is skinnier and taller then me and she eats everything, so I have to blamed it on my genes. But I'm also a dancer, so that's my main form of exercise.

    • Alessandra: I was allergic to my mom's breast milk as a child, so when I eventually started to eat normal food, they only gave me pureed fruits and vegetables 'cause my stomach was too sensitive. My family never gave me meat and they figured 'Oh, when she is older, she'll eventually want it', but I never craved it. So, I literally have never had a piece of chicken in my life.

    • Alessandra: I love being on stage. You might say I rebelled in a sense, but not really. I was supposed to go to M.I.T. Instead, I became an actress.

    • Alessandra: I love fanboys! Seriously, I'm conviced I'm going to meet my soul mate at Comic-Con. Beforehand I work out like crazy and pick out my shoes.

    • Alessandra: I think it's every actor's dream to be on a show for many years and grow with that character because then you have opportunities to do film and play multiple people, but you always have your ground base and you have that family.

    • Alessandra: I feel like I'm a fifty year old woman. I always have. I feel way too old. Like an old Hollywood actress stuck in a twenty-two year old body. I would rather listen to Liza Minnelli sing than go to some hip new concert. I'd rather have Billie Holiday in the background than something new.

    • Alessandra: Well everyone knows that I am a black belt in taekwondo, everyone knows that I'm a dancer, everyone knows that I like to sing. I love making crazy You Tube dance videos. Some of my fans know about that- I have one online called Call On Me. It's really funny.

    • Alessandra: I have the worst potty mouth.

    • Alessandra: I wasn't really into sci-fi. When they asked me to read for Caprica, I'd had a tough day. I said no. Then I got the audition scenes and I went, "Holy shit. I'm doing this!"

    • Alessandra: I didn't want to watch Battlestar Galactica on purpose. I'm the first Cylon, right, so I wanted it to be from a 16-year-old girl's perspective: How would she create a Cylon? How would she act? I didn't want to mimic Tricia Helfer, I didn't want to mimic Grace Park. They're beyond fabulous but I still wanted to create a new kind of Cylon.

    • Alessandra: I want to be the poster girl for engineers and computer nerds.

    • Alessandra: (about playing her character on "Caprica") I took it as twins. That's how I kind of [saw] the characters, as Zoe and Zoe-A. They are basically the same person, but they are also completely opposite. That's how I feel twins are: People look at them and think they are the same, but they always have different personalities.

    • Alessandra: Acting is absolutely fantastic. It's a great career, really fun and incredibly enjoyable.

    • Alessandra: If I were to have a really difficult role then I would have to sort of push myself to do it, not only to make the directors and the producers proud, but to also make myself proud.