Alessandro Juliani

Alessandro Juliani


7/6/1975, Montreal, Quebec

Birth Name

Alessandro Juliani



Also Known As

Allesandro Juliani, Alessandro Juliana
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Alessandro Juliani was born on July 6, 1975 in Canada and was raised in Horseshoe Bay. His father, John Juliani, is a producer, actor and a writer; he also founded the Opera Breve in Vancouver. He plays the young but capable Lt. Gaeta, the ship's Tactical Officer on…more


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    • (Alessandro's views on his character L from Death Note)Alessandro: He's definitely an interesting dude, he's got an interesting aesthetic, and the fact that we've seen him in this spartan environment, this kind of padded cell, is very interesting.

    • Alessandro (Death Note): It's grotesque and kind of scary, and sort of reminiscent of a Spirited Away, in some of these other great movies that I've seen, where is really does take a turn that is unexpected.

    • Alessandro: The challenges with doing ADR is that the artist has already sort of created the character, so it's kind of, in some respect it's like the tail wagging the dog.

    • Alessandro: I would love to have a career and sustain it for a long time. When I look into the future, which I don't do, I would love to be able to do all these different things.

    • Alessandro: I kind of just welcome any challenge.

    • Alessandro: If I had wanted to rebel, I would have gone into insurance or sold real estate...Made a lot of money, basically.

  • Alessandro Juliani is one very talented actor.

    He has done many projects both on the small screen and even on stage. If you do not know who this actor is, first off, shame on you and second, he plays the voice of L on Death Note (english dub). If you still don't know him, then I can't help you. I just found out that he not only acts, but he sings as well. He is even been nominated for some of his roles on theatre. This just proves my point even more. I am pretty sure that he will move on to bigger and better things and continue to show great talent.moreless
  • He does the voice of L on Death Note.

    This man is one of the best voice actors out there I don't know much about the guy but i've seen what roles he has done he plays on Battlestar Galactica (2003) I forget the characters name. He also voiced Pit on Captain N: the game master. I don't know what other roles this guy has done but I first heard his voice on Death Note at first he sounded like a kid then he started sounding emo I really love this guy and wish he could have more roles through out TV I give him a 9.4 cause he voices my favorite character on Death Note.moreless