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    • (Alessandro's views on his character L from Death Note)Alessandro: He's definitely an interesting dude, he's got an interesting aesthetic, and the fact that we've seen him in this spartan environment, this kind of padded cell, is very interesting.

    • Alessandro (Death Note): It's grotesque and kind of scary, and sort of reminiscent of a Spirited Away, in some of these other great movies that I've seen, where is really does take a turn that is unexpected.

    • Alessandro: The challenges with doing ADR is that the artist has already sort of created the character, so it's kind of, in some respect it's like the tail wagging the dog.

    • Alessandro: I would love to have a career and sustain it for a long time. When I look into the future, which I don't do, I would love to be able to do all these different things.

    • Alessandro: I kind of just welcome any challenge.

    • Alessandro: If I had wanted to rebel, I would have gone into insurance or sold real estate...Made a lot of money, basically.