7/12/1950, Long Island, NY

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Identical twins who enjoyed success with Barnaby Bye in the early 70s and then as solo artists in the mid/late 70s and early 80s as solo artists. Prior to their stint with Barnaby Bye, they spent two years of study in the theatre department at Nassau Community College…more


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    • Billy Alessi: (giving advice on moving on after a relationship has ended) Breaking up can be the most difficult thing on earth, and you may feel that you no longer have reason to live, but that's not true; there's always love in everyone's future, if you give yourself the chance you can really love someone else.

    • Bobby Alessi (laughing as he discussed their early career in writing commercial jingles): We'd just go in once in a while and do a couple to get some checks in the mail, but we never took the jingles work too seriously.

    • Billy Alessi (discussing their performance in the Broadway musical Hair): It gave us our first real 'city' experience and enabled us to meet some very talented and creative people.

  • Bobby & Billy Alessi have done it ALL: TV, Movies, Music and countless Television Commercials.

    I became a fan of Bobby & Billy Alessi at a very young age. I remember seeing them perform on various music variety shows, their handsome faces being scotch-taped to my bedroom walls and their vinyl albums being worn out from repeated play. Recently I rediscovered them and have rekindled a new interest, almost passionate in them. This go-around I've been fortunate to have had personal contact with them. Bobby even refers to me as their friend on their official website. And even though 30+ years have passed they are still just as talented and accomodating to their fans as ever. I have heard other fans refer to them as being like fine wine, that they have gotten better with age, with which I whole-heartedly agree. Although their stint with Barnaby Bye was a wee-bit before my time, I'm learning about the group and love what I've heard (musically) of them and I'm really looking forward to the release of their new album "Thrice Upon A Time." For personal reasons I am FIGHTING to save the ALESSI profile from being deleted from They've had countless TV appearances, it's just a matter of finding documentation and submitting them before has the chance to delete the profile. I love and admire them so much that I have a website dedicated to them at: I'm far from being their biggest fan, but it's nice to know that Bobby thinks of me in that way!moreless