Alex Albrecht

Alex Albrecht


8/14/1976, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Alex Albrecht


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  • Just needs someone to give him a chance.

    At first glance Alex looks like a nobody who is wasting his life away sitting on a couch, but if you actually give him a chance you would realize that he is a very talented person with a great knowledge of technology and humor. He is able to be the most informative person in the world and yet at the same time be the most hilarious person. His informal lazy average joe look just makes him seem very welcoming and easy to relate to. When your watching him it's like talking to a friend because he just says what ever is on his mind. He is very underrated and deserves a huge chance especially after the way G4 played him. Nobody should be treated like he was. He was a huge fan of TSS and was so excited about getting to host and then two months latter G4 just rips it all away with no warning.moreless
  • Why?

    Why is he not on AOTS? He is so funny. His comments make fall on the ground laughing every time. His comments about kazaa and my favorites are


    "That wasn't a boo. That was ooh, like look how slick and free."


    "or you can download it from kazaa."

    "yes" Kevin

    "I mean no."


    "Whoa! 15 dollars that's money burning out of my wallet."


    "Sorry guys this is PC only."-sahara

    "ooh. Don't say that."

    "We hate you alex you mac hater, mac hatter!!!"

    "I didn't even write the software."


    "These are for looking like you're in a your car."


    "These do not fit well on the earrs. That sounded funny earrs."


    "I like modding toothbrushes!"


    Come back, please.moreless