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  • Alex - the eye candy of the series. Not a serious game player, but great to watch.

    Alex was a heartthrob in every sense of the word. He might have been there to play the game, but in the end, Alex was really just the eye-candy.

    Alex has many fantastic qualities, but he has an enormous ego and, in Survivor, this can either be your best feature, or your worst. It worked against Alex in a big way once the tribes merged because, as the power shifted, Alex had nothing more to offer in terms of strategy.

    Alex provided some great tv-moments, the most memorable of which was probably his almost on-screen romance with the adorable Shawna. You really had to wonder at that point what Alex was really doing there. His heart left the game and started chasing the girls!

    What I remember most about Alex was his argument early on with Roger about homosexuals. I thought Alex showed a different side when he showed his support for the gay community through an informed and well-constructed argument against the "natural" aspect of heterosexuality. Roger was a chauvinistic, very old-school contestant who needed to be put in his place.

    Alex provided very watchable tv and was a charismatic addition to the sixth season.