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    • Alex: (on working with Ted Danson) It's nicer than I actually thought it would be. Because he's the first big-time star that I've ever worked with. It's actually humbling and a learning experience, because I and the whole cast basically feed off his good energy. And I'm having a great time. And he's a freak on top of it all. Meaning he's a funny, funny, great guy!

    • Alex: (on where he gets his humor from) I don't know. My mom was a funny looking woman. No, no don't print that. I'm joking, I'm joking. I was real chubby as a kid, so that was part of my self-defense. I'm still chubby now, what am I talking about? Now it's become real acidic.

    • Alex: (when asked how the suit makes the man) The suit makes the man hot if he's on stage dancing for an hour and a half.

    • Alex: I can probably say that my best friend has been my best friend for 22 years. I've been blessed with some good friends.

    • Alex: (on if he appreciates sight more because he portrays a blind man on Becker) Oh, without a doubt. When I first got the part, I went to the Braille Institute for some serious crash courses in being blind. And being blindfolded for hours on end will definitely put things in perspective. Because at first you feel scared, and then, being that you can't see, you become very clumsy. And once that happens, you become embarrassed. After that, you have to learn to trust yourself because you can't see. And that was one of the most difficult things to deal with. It was a great experience, and I'm glad I have all my senses still. I have great respect for all disabled people who keep on truckin'.

    • Alex: Acting is my priority, though I have a love for both. It's kind of difficult to juggle the two, at times. Luckily, the guys in my band understand that I moved to L.A. to act. There will always be a place for both in my life. If Sammy Davis Jr. could do it all, then so can I!