Alex Haley





8/11/1921 , Ithaca, New York, USA



Birth Name

Alexander Murray Palmer Haley



Alex Haley was born in 1921 to Bertha Palmer and Simon Alexander Haley. When he grew up, Alex, worked as an interviewer for Playboy, interviewing such people as Malcolm X and the American Nazi Party founder, George Lincoln Rockwell. Then, he persued a successful career in the United States Coast Guard, until his retirement in 1963. Now 42, Alex became obsessed with learning more about his family's history and managed to trace his roots back seven generations to Africa and to a warrior by the name of Kunta Kinte, abducted and sold into slavery in America. In 1976, Alex Haley wrote his famous novel, Roots, which traced Haley's roots back to Africa, all the way down to himself. In January, 1977, Alex Haley's novel was made into a miniseries, which was the most-viewed television program before it had aired; it touched and inspired the nation. On February 10, 1992, Alex Haley suffered from a heart attack and was rushed to hospital where he went into cardiac arrest and died. Ten years later, the twenty-fifth anniversary DVD edition of Roots was produced and sold, so that Alex Haley's message will always live on.