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  • Awesome creator

    He's an awesome creator of my favorite Disney Channel show, Gravity Falls. I liked everything about his work, his writing, his voice acting, etc. His previous credits were Flapjack and Fish Hooks. They're both not my favorite shows, but I'm still receiving a perfect score for this person My only minor problem with Alex Hirsch is that I don't really like the voice he uses for Clamantha from Fish Hooks, it's too grating and it sounds like like The Dock Hag from Flapjack (another female character voiced by a guy, though it's Daran Norris). I love the voice he uses for Grunkle Stan and Soos as well various others. Stan sounds close to Justin Rolliand's Rick from Rick and Morty. Unlike most creators, I don't mind that Alex write almost every single episode of his own show because he does an amazing job with that. I tend not to like when show creators get too much writing credits. Therefore, Alex Hirsch is one the best writers for a creator. 10/10moreless