Alex O'Loughlin





8/24/1976 , Canberra, Australia

Birth Name

Alexander O'Lachlan




Alex O'Loughlin was born and raised in Australia and has been acting professionally there for years. He stands about 6'2" and his nickname is 'Arod'. He is of Irish and Scottish decent and notes that his stepfather is Canadian. Alex's parents split when he was a young boy. His mother was a nurse and his father a teacher. He has one sister. He seldom had anything new because money was tight. He remembers feeling that he was disengaged from the world, until one of his earliest performances. He reported that when he the audience laughing, he finally felt connected. He attended the National Institute of Dramatic art and received in BA in Acting in 2002. His has some Scottish and Irish heritage in his family. Alex has a 10 year old son, Saxon, who is living in Australia. He started out doing theater work in Sydney and appeared in plays by Tolstoy and Chekhov. He began his TV career after graduating in the TV movie White Collar Blue. His first movie role was as Jack Flange in the movie Oyster Farm. This movie drew attention to him as an actor. He appeared in Blackjack: Sweet Science in 2004, a made-for-TV movie in which he played Luke Anderson. He also appeared in Love Bytes, another made-for-TV role. In 2005, he starred in Man-Thing, a horror film in which he played Deputy Eric Fraser. He teamed up with director Brett Leonard (from Man-Thing) to co-produce and write Feed. This is the story of a cyber serial killer force feeding women to death; he played the lead investigator Michael Carter. He appeared in the Australian mini-series, The Wonderful Journey of Mary Bryant. He played Will Bryant, Mary's husband, which was a hit in Australia.

In 2006, he played part of the "Kissing couple" in The Holiday. He continued to stay active in the theater. He appeared in many productions including, Country Music, Faust is Dead, Jarrabin, Face to Face and Saved. He won the role of the newest member of the Strike Team on FX's hit The Shield in 2007. This marked his US television debut. He played Kevin Hiatt. He was in several movies The Invisible (Marcus Bloom) and August Rush (Marshall)In 2008, he is stared in the CBS show Moonlight as Mick St. John, a vampire P.I., with the heart of a human. This show only lasted a season, but had a large cult like following. He also starred Whiteout, a film that is produced by Joel Silver (Moonlight producer). He founded a production company with Brett Leonard and a few friends. Their company is Honour Bright. After (Moonlight was canceled, Alex took a short break to Mexico and then went to Australia. In 2009, CBS found a new show for Alex, Three Rivers and he plays Dr. Andy Yablonski, a lead surgeon at a prestigious transplant hospital. This show last only nine episode before CBS canceled it. Alex guessed starred as Vincent on an episode of Criminal Minds. Alex went to work with Jennifer Lopez on The Back Up plan(Stan), which was released in 2010.

In 2010, CBS found a new project for Alex, the remake of Hawaii Five-0 in which he stars as Steven McGarrett. The show premiered on September 20, 2010 and is one of the best new shows of the season. In 2006, Alex met Holly Valance, when he did some construction work for a friend. They have been dating ever since. She is a well-known and respected actress and singer in Australia. They parted ways in 2009. In 2007, Alex's personal life became the center of attention when a rumor started stating he was the son of Bon Scott. Alex was initially flatter by the rumor that is until he talked with his parents. This was very unsettling with them and to him when he realized that his mother was being thought of in a negative way. He publicly announced at the 2007 TCA press tour panels that he was not the son of Bon Scott.

In 2010, he starred in The Back-Up Plan opposite Jennifer Lopez.