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    [1]Dec 20, 2007
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    I just recently watch the movie Oyster Farmer with Alex O'laughlin in it.I have seen better movies. I wouldn't't have watched it at all except he was in it. I would have stopped watching it after the first half hour or so but I wanted to see how he made out in the show. The movie seemed choppy and hard to follow a lot of the time. Maybe it was just me where I didn't like it from the beginning. I liked the parts with Alex of course, exspecially the shirtless parts. There is something about a man with tattoo's that I find totally sexy. To think there all his.He may have been a man of few words in the show but I think you have to be a very good actor to be able to express yourself without saying anything.

    What did you think of the movie and Alex's part and his acting?

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    [2]Feb 21, 2008
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    I loved the movie,I love him in feed, and mary bryant.
    Its great all around,especially Moonlight
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    A reminder:


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    [4]Sep 30, 2010
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    I have the DVD and I LOVE Oyster Farmer! The entire movie is beautiful, and Alex is brilliant as Jack Flange. I love the perfect balance of drama and comedy in this film, and the cinematography is excellent. I have watched this movie many times, and I enjoy it all over again.

    I have all that Alex has done on DVD, and I love it all. The man is a brilliant actor and I am so happy to see his rising success in the business in the US. If you haven't already, I would suggest that you watch Oyster Farmer again - give it another chance. By the time I finished watching it the first time I wanted to go live on that river with all of those quirky and lovable characters. One thing I love about Australian films is that they are very realistic but they keep you entertained at the same time.

    Alex gave an award worthy performance in this film, and he should still be very proud of it.

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