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  • Alex iz definatly going 2 be a new teen heart-throb!! People needa put him in more moviez and give him more publicity!!!

    Alex iz definatly going to be the new teen heart-throb!!!
    People needa put him in more moviez and give him more publicity!!!! HES GORGEOUS!! I sore him in Tom Brownz schooldays and hes brilliant!!!
    The Alex Rider books have always been my favourites and they chose the PERFECT guy to play Alex! Good Luck to him and i cant wait to see The Mummy 3 and Wild Child which come out in 2008!!
    but he needs to grow his hair again haha man itz hard tryna get 100 words haha man 98 99 yuss

    -georgie xx
  • Wow, I like him for 4 reasons, people, get him in more movies!

    Wow, that's what I have to start off this review with, wow. This kid is great, I've only seen him in Stormbreaker, but I saw enough for me to know that he's a great actor, plus more. I love Alex Pettyfer for 4 reasons. One, he's a great actor. Two, he's really really hott. Three, he's got a sexy British accent. Four, he's really fit, and really in shape. I was amazed when I saw him in Stormbreaker, and I'm waiting for him to be in many other movies soon. I used the title Underused because he's not used enough, that's just it! Get him in more movies!
  • I can\'t wait until Stormbreaker.

    I don\'t know much about this guy but I know he is going to be in a new movie Stormbreaker. My cousin told me they were going to make a movie for Storm Breaker like two years before it was made. She is a fan of :
    Stormbreaker / Anthony Horrowitz / Alex Pettyfer so yeah. I cant wait to see the movie, which keeps getting moved. It was supposed to come out October the sixth but then got moved because it would have to compete with The Grudge Two. Well I can\'t wait to see it! A week or so and Im there. I wanna go to the movie premier in New York.
  • Son of US TV presenter Lee Ireland from her first marriage to actor Richard Pettyfer. He attends Shiplake College, a prestigious boarding school located in Henley-on-Thames At the age of fifteen, he was chosen out of five hundred other boys

    He looks cute!!
    He is gonna play in a movie called Stormbreaker, and I read the book and it\\\'s very good!!!
    He is not very know, but I think he will rise and become a star that most of the people will know. He played in Tom Brown\\\'s Schooldays, that went on tv. I didin\\\'t see it.He played with Stephen Fry, who was the narrator in 2 of the Harry Potter\\\'s Movie. I didin\\\'t see him play on screen, so I don\\\'t know if he is ggod or not, but I think he looks cute, like I already said!!!
    Lol, so go watch Stormbreaker when it\\\'s gonna come out!!!
  • I dont think that there is anyone as charming, gorgeous, beautiful as Alex in the whole world. Everything about him is wonderfull, and the world should know him :)

    The Alex Rider books have always been my favourites, and I have grown to fall in love with the main character, Alex Rider. When I heard that Stormbreaker was coming out, I went mental. Ill make sure to be one of the first to purchase the movie and see it. Then, when i found out that Alex Pettyfer was going to be acting as Alex Rider, I literally couldnt sleep for a few nights, overwhelmed by the excitement. I knew that they had chosen the perfect guy to play the part, and I know that he\'ll do great. I want him to know that I believe in him, and I really do think hes beautiful. And im not one of those \'OMG i want him so bad cause hes famous and has a nice body\' fans, I just really believe in Alex. Rock on n good luck to him!! xx-Tay
  • Has been a personal favourite since i saw TBSD. Needs more publicity but will surely be a huge star after the release of Stormbreaker. Needs an official website badly!

    I think he\'s a great actor and one of the up-and-comings. He\'s good looking and will surely hook some young hearts when Stormbreaker hits the screens in 2006. Can\'t wait!!!!
    Has talented parents (Lee Ireland- talk show host and Richard Pettyfer- actor)
    His brother is a great tennis player also.
    Attends Shiplake College in England along with Daniel Radcliffe.
  • He is just adorable/hot/sexy/gorgoeus. Whichever one you want to use. He is also an awsome actor and i can't wait to see his new movie Storm Breaker.

    I've seen Alex in Tom Brown's School Days and what can i say? He was awesome. He was amazing. My favorite part was when he was in a fight with the bully of the school. The fight looked so real. And Alex kicked butt. I read that he was in Willy Wonka or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he was younger. I think it was the England version. I haven't seen it but i bet he was great.Overall i just think he is an awesome actor and a very hot one i might add.
  • This guy is awesome.

    Totally dig Alex Pettyfer? - so can\\\'t wait for Stormbreaker? is what it\\\'s all about. Go. Now. It the wonderland of Alex: the Hot Kid who will be rocking everybodies socks off. Go. Now. I need to have 50 words. Filling it up with: go. now. go. now.