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    • Alex: I was bullied at my old school and I've been tossed up in a blanket before I was thirteen (13).

    • Alex: I got a big shock when I first went to boarding school because you have to become independent.

    • Alex: (his views on euthanasia) I think it should happen for people who are sick and should be legal.

    • Alex: I want to have lots of bodyguards around me and be surrounded by beautiful women while watching my brother play at Wimbledon.

    • Alex: When you have already experienced going out and working in the real world, and you come back to school, you just see it as a playground and you don't want to be there any more.

    • Alex: Ewan McGregor once told me, "Work is work and home is home. Don't get them mixed up." Which is great advice.

    • Alex: (on television and film) Working on television is like being in a playground, but working on a film is like being in a big new world. It's quite hard working on a film, but we all got on like a big family which made it easier.

    • Alex: (on his first red carpet experience) My biggest fear was that there might be 5 or 6 kids there who just want an autograph, and then I would walk in and do my press. I got out of the car and it was probably 3 seconds and 3,000 girls were screaming for me.

    • Alex: (on Ewan McGregor) He was on set for two days. He's a wonderful guy. I had lunch with him a couple of times. He's very quiet in person, but he's a fantastic actor.

    • Alex: (on his co-star Mickey Rourke) He's fantastic. I always give everyone a clean slate before I meet them. First of all, he's a gentleman. He gave me 110% on camera and off. I really don't have any more words than respect for that guy. He helped me on the set.

    • Alex: (on his co-star Alicia Silverstone) I didn't see her much except in the one scene. She's great. It was a really hot day on the set because we didn't have any fans that day. It was boiling, and she gave so much energy and you really come out of a scene with her great.

    • Alex: (on some of his hobbies) I was tricked into swimming by my mother, which I love - it came in very handy. But go-karting, skiing, I know how to fly, thanks to my school - I joined the RAF for a bit, and learned how to land and take off a plane. But I've done all sorts of things in my life which really helped me towards Alex Rider.

    • Alex: (on his character Alex Rider) He's not Harry Potter, he's not got magic powers, he's not Spiderman. He is on the face of it an ordinary schoolboy, and only when you get to put him in danger does he begin to discover that he has these abilities.

    • Alex: (on his two biggest performances so far) They were both fun. I think probably Stormbreaker pipped it a tiny bit because it was a lot more effort and I got quite a bit more reward. You get to see what your fans really think about you and how the film's going to do - at the premiere.

    • Alex: (on his 'Stormbreaker' co-stars) In my eyes, they're some of the best actors working today. People like Bill Nighy and Mickey Rourke and Ewan McGregor. It was fantastic to work with such a great cast and a fantastic crew. I learnt so much from them.

    • Alex: (on acting) Of course, I love it. I love bringing characters to life and I love what I do.

    • Alex: (on Stormbreaker) It's a little bit more complex than the book. It's still full of action, but action with a bit of comedy and a bit of sadness... and that's what we want to give everyone out there.

    • Alex: (on his character Alex Rider) He's an action hero, and he'll go through the whole action thing, but he'll be in constant danger, and he'll have weaknesses like I think any other boy of 14, 15, 16 has weaknesses. He's vulnerable.

    • Alex: (on his film Stormbreaker) I think it will be a successful film. It's an action packed, comical, dramatic, lil' adventure which will take you on a ride for 90 minutes.

    • Alex: (his feelings on being chosen as Alex Rider) When you go through such a long process of auditioning, you kind of forget about getting it. It's more like you keep going up and having a little bit of fun. So finally when I got to play Alex I was like 'OK, cool'. I went for months and months of auditions.

    • Alex: (on being Alex Rider) I'm very fortunate that I've been given this opportunity and it's fantastic to play a role model.

    • Alex: (on his role as Alex Rider) I had to work extremely hard. I had three weeks of Kung-Fu martial arts, kick boxing you know, learning how to do a wheelie on a quad bike. It was quite a demanding role you know, it took a lot of energy.

    • Alex: Parties don't thrill me. I like sitting at home with a tub of Chunky Monkey ice cream watching Big Brother or Friends.

    • Alex: I regret that I bullied fellow students. It's not good. The whole bully thing is just stupid, but I guess that I was exactly that.