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  • He's ok...acts kind of smugly superior on Jeopardy (I'd like smart too if I had the answers in front of me)

    I've probably watched over 100 espisodes of Jeopardy over the years (thinking makes my brain hurt). Maybe the show makes me feel inferior? I'm lucky to get 10 answers right (or in this case questions).

    I liked Alex better when he had his iconic mustache. But since mustache's have been out of style for years now...he shaved it off a few years ago!

    He really doesn't offer much as a host, and his extremely dry almost non-existant sense of humour doesn't work for me.
    And he seems to uptight to be a fun guy to be around.

    So, he's an okay guy (I liked his guest appearance on The Simpsons), but not a favorite.
  • Alex Trebek is my hero!!!

    I love Alex Trebek so, so, so, so, so, much that I did my 8th grade term paper on him. I know everything about him. I could tell you about his childhood, his family members, career, and any thing else you could possibly want to know about him, even some things you might not want to know. I some day hope to become editor for him, thats why I have been contributing so much to this person. I gave Alex Trebek a 10 becuase as you can see I'm a pretty big fan, people ask me why i like him so much, I tell them because he's the host of the best game show in the world!!!
  • A decent and knowledgeable guy

    Alex has been host of “Jeopardy!” since 1984. He is one of the best game show hosts in America because he gets the fact that people don’t watch the show to see him. Now if someone else was hosting, they might suck and cause the show to lose audience, but Alex is good at drawing the attention back to the contestants.

    Another thing that makes Alex a great host is that he’s just as comfortable with youth contests as with super egg head championship tournaments.