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Alex Wolff

Alex Wolff


11/1/1997, Manhattan, New York City, New York

Birth Name

Alexander Draper Wolff



Also Known As

Alexander Wolff, A&W Skittles
  • Nickelodeon's The Naked Brothers Band - ...
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Alex Wolff is the younger son of Polly Draper and Michael Wolff. Alex was born in the year 1997. Alex and his family live in Manhattan of New York City, New York. He and his older brother Nat Wolff play in "The Naked Brothers Band". He also played…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • He's really awesome

    Alex is really cool and even though some people don't like him he's awesome in my opinion. Even if some people hate him i don't think it's really fair to say all those stupid and mean comments, obviously the songs a little kid writes aren't ganna be perfect. And if you hate him so much they why do you waste your time watching the show, listening to their music, and writing comments about them. If you don't like him just don't talk about him. To me Alex is great and he'll be great in the future. He's also not going to be a perfect actor at age six, but he does get better and not many of the people that hate his acting can do better. He also had a show with 3 seasons which obviously means he can act and so can the rest of the band. And to the people that say he has no talent... why do you think he's in a band? Oh yah that's right cause he can play the drums and the piano, he can even write songs, so there not perfect but there good and he's trying. Alex is really great and the best he can do is try. So all of the haters should just shut up anything you said that he can't do is only because you can't do them and you're jealous that he got into a show and band and the goes to the people that hate the other actors in the show. And by the way he really didn't have a crush on Jesse it was just a show and they're cousin's stupid! So you shouldn't be calling him a perv he had to do it was part of playing him the show.

  • He's much worse than Nat.

    In my mind, Alex Wolff is much worse than Nat. He seriously has no talent, his acting is extremely horrid, his fassion sense is bad, his jokes are bad, and his taste in women in weird. I don't get why Alex thinks that Jesse is his girlfriend? They are like 14 years apart, or something? Perv! Maybe I guess it's because he's incapable of getting a girlfriend that is his age, or it's just because he's not "the ladies man". His jokes are horrible! They make you want to put your TV on mute the whole way through. His fassion sense is uhhhhhh horrible. Who gave him the idea to put one layer of socks over another? That's lame. The number one that annoys me is his acting. His acting is sooo bad, that it feels like everyone is being bullied by him. I hope Nat, and Alex have their show removed from TV for all eternity.moreless