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    • Alex returned to his homeland of Germany to continue wrestling on the independent circuit there to include the NAWA (New Age Wrestling Alliance) in Uelzen, Germany.

    • When Disqo returned from his injury "The Dancing Fools" reformed and remained a tag-team until April 2001 when WCW was bought out and closed down by WWF Chairman of the Board Vincent J. McMahon Jr.

    • Just 4 days later Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak (Shawn Stipich) wrestled for the titles, Disco was injured so 'Primetime' Elix Skipper subbed for him and they lost the titles to Chuck & Shawn.

    • He teamed up next with General Rection aka Hugh Morrus (William DeMott) at "Millennium Final" on 16 November 2000 which was a WCW German pay-per view & they beat Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire for the WCW World Tag Team Titles.

    • On 27 September 1999Alex joined Disco Inferno (Glen Gilbertti) to form a tag-team calling themselves "The Dancing Fools" and Disco decided to start calling himself Disqo.

    • He was however removed from TV after the tragic shootings in Columbine believing Wright's new gimmick was too gothic. He returned later in the year as Berlyn with bodyguard The Wall (Jerry Tuite).

    • On 19 April 1999 on "WCW Monday Nitro" Alex appeared and wrestled under his new moniker of Berlyn.

    • Queen Debra who was born Debra Gale Marshall became Alex's manager for a few months until he received a head injury in a match against Prince Iaukea. He sat a ringside for "Starrcade 1997" with his new manager James Vandenburg.

    • He won the WCW Television Title on 21 August at "Clash of the champions XXXV" when he pinned Ultimo Dragon (Yoshihiro Asai). In late 1997 he helped Queen Debra in her feud with her ex-husband Steve 'Mongo' McMichael.

    • Because of his pre match dancing the fans labeled him "The Disco Nazi." He initially began as a face but in 1997 he turned heel & on 28 July he won the WCW Cruiserweight Title in a match against Chris Jericho (Christopher Keith Irvine).

    • His father Steve Wright trained Alex to become a wrestler, in 1991 he began on the independent circuit in Germany & Japan. When WCW toured Germany in 1994 they offered him a contract because of all the injuries to their current wrestlers.

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