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  • Alexa is so talented and one of the most beautiful people ever!

    I only know Alexa from Reunion but she was amazing on that show as Sam. I wish it would've kept going to see how she grew and changed, since she was the one who was murdered. But alas, no. She was so great on that show in emotional scenes especially. I'll definently be looking out for her in other things. And she really is a gorgeous person... Her hair is so great, and she just has this aura even when your just watching her on tv, you feel like you know her. She's just that amazing. Go Alexa! Books worms unite!
  • She is a terrific actress and very beautiful!

    I love Alexa! I first saw her on Angel as Gwen Raiden and since then I have liked her. I wish she would have been a regular on Angel, but since the show is canceled and not coming back, she is doing a great job as Sam on Reunion. I loved her as Kyra in Chronicles of Riddick with Vin Diesel. I hope to see her a lot more in movies and in television!