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  • Alexa Havens is a very talented actress. She is very passionate about her role on All My Children. She has done a wonderful job portraying Babe Carey Chandler.

    When she first appeared on the show in late 2003, I thought, \\\"Here we go, another slutty character.\\\" I was wrong. They made her appear that way at first, but as viewers got to know Babe I think we began to love her more and more. I began to like Babe as if I knew her as a real person. Then I was hit really hard with the whole \\\"Baby-Snatching\\\" Babe. Bianca was my all-time favorite character on All My Children, and I was happy when she finally began to love her baby and I hoped that they would play it through. Then Babe intervened. Actually evil Paul Kramer intervened and tried to play God. But once Krystal and Babe knew the truth, they spoken up and told everyone the truth. They did not, though, and therefore I began to dislike the Babe character very much. It was more than wrong on more than one level for babe to keep Bianca\\\'s baby from her. I mean, how could babe just watch Bianca go through that pain of losing Miranda and just go on like everything was okay. Once the truth came out in the end, like I knew and hoped it would, I almost felt sorry for babe when everyone hated her for what she did. I eventually began to like Babe again when she started plotting to get her son back, the son she thought she had lost. Since then I have rooted for babe to come out on top and she has. She got JR back, she gets to see her son full-time, and she is a partner at Fusion. She has got it all, money, family, love, happiness. Alexa Havens has done a magnificent job playing babe. She is real, and believeable, and genuine. All in all, she is a great actress and I hope she does not follow in Eden Riegel's footsteps and decide to leave the show. She is my new Bianca. Although nowhere near as Bianca-y as the real Bianca, she is a pretty good substitute.